Fort Bend County Insurance Companies After a Car Accident

When a car accident occurs, there is a high likelihood that the injured parties will want to pursue compensation through insurance companies. Contrary to what many people expect, the settlement process is not as smooth. Although many insurance companies compensate victims as required by law, some usually act in bad faith by cutting corners for their own benefit. They engage in deceptive practices such as lowering claims to maximize their profits.

Being aware of such dynamics when dealing with Fort Bend County insurance companies after a car accident can be the difference in your case. Dealing with insurance adjusters can be hectic, especially when desperate for money to offset medical bills and other related expenses. Nonetheless, do not be swayed by their kindness while at it because they may not be on your side. Although you can handle the settlement process on your own, it would be best if you let an aggressive car accident attorney handle the insurance companies.

Tips on Dealing with Insurance Companies After a Car Accident

Immediately after an accident, you will likely receive formal communication from insurance companies regarding compensation. While this is usually a good start, you shouldn’t be excited as much. Their reaching out does not equal fair settlement, and it is in your best interests to have your eyes wide open. The things you do or say may hurt your case.

Since dealing with Fort Bend County insurance companies after a car accident can be confusing, here are a few things you should keep in mind:

Notify Your Insurance Company About the Accident

Some people wait until it’s too late to notify their insurance company about an accident. No matter the extent of injuries or losses suffered, it is vital that you let your insurance company know you were in an accident. Even if you don’t pursue settlement immediately, there is a possibility that you may have miscalculated the extent of damages suffered. Notifying them ensures that you leave your options open if you need compensation.

Insurance Adjusters Are Never on Your Side

Many people think insurance companies are friends who will show up in time of need. Unfortunately, that’s barely the case. They are business entities whose main agenda is to maximize profits. At first, insurance adjusters may seem to be friendly, especially when making the initial settlement offer but you should not mistake them for your friends. The idea could be to make you comfortable around them. In the process, you may say something that could hurt your case.

Do Not Make a Recorded Statement

After a Fort Bend County car accident, insurance companies will usually ask you to make statements and sign documents. You must be cautious of what you say and the papers you sign. In many scenarios, insurance adjusters will mount pressure on you to hurriedly sign documents so you can be settled quickly. However, you may unknowingly sign off your rights to compensation. Therefore, do not be quick to answer questions or make recorded statements without the counsel of your attorney.

Do Not Accept the Initial Offer

The initial settlement offer can be exciting, given the financial turmoil you may find yourself in after a devastating car accident. Unsurprisingly, the offer is frequently not a true reflection of the losses you suffered. They are lowball offers meant to hoodwink you into signing off your rights to further compensation. No matter how desperate you are for settlement, never accept their terms and offers before speaking with a seasoned Fort Bend County car accident attorney.

Record Everything

Before negotiating with Fort Bend County insurance companies after a car accident, ensure that you have all the records of your injuries and losses. Keep copies of police reports, medical reports, vehicle and property repair bills, as well as any other document related to the crash. Collecting such evidence gives you an upper hand during negotiations, ensuring that you don’t settle for less.

Retain a Reputable Fort Bend County Car Accident Attorney

Perhaps the most significant step you can make towards protecting your interests in a car accident case is retaining a qualified and trusted attorney. Insurance companies know a serious case just by the look of the legal team representing the plaintiff. An aggressive lawyer will ensure that Fort Bend County insurance companies fairly compensate you after a car accident. To retain a tough attorney from our firm, call us today or fill our online contact form.

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