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Parking lots are among the most frequented areas by motorists in Texas. It could be in a shopping mall, hospitals, workplaces, or even designated parking areas on the streets. Although most visits go without a reported incidence, some mark catastrophic accidents, especially when they involve pedestrians.

If you sustained severe injuries in a similar car crash that wasn’t your fault, you have the same rights as other personal injury victims. A tough Fort Bend County parking lot accident lawyer will advise you on the best course of action depending on the circumstances of your case. Therefore, contacting an attorney at Lone Star Injury Attorneys as soon as possible should be a priority.

Why Parking Lots Can Be Dangerous

Parking lots are presumably safer compared to roads and highways. Nonetheless, they can be dangerous due to negligent and reckless behaviors. For example, a driver can engage in road rage on a highway, and similarly, in a parking lot. As our attorneys can explain, some parking lot collisions in Fort Bend County stem from negligence, as is the case with other auto wrecks. Some of the significant reasons why a parking lot may be unsafe are:

  • Distracted driving
  • Speeding
  • Poor road markings
  • Defective shopping carts
  • Unsafe parking lot designs
  • Poor driver awareness
  • Wet and cluttered roads
  • Poor lighting

No matter what caused your injuries, someone bears responsibility as long as it wasn’t your fault. Based on the causes mentioned earlier, you may sue the premises owner, driver, vehicle owner, product manufacturer, and trucking companies for delivery trucks.

Benefits of Retaining a Parking Lot Accident Attorney

Not all accidents in parking lots require an attorney to resolve. If you only suffered minor injuries that do not require medical treatment or property damage, you may as well handle your case with the responsible party. However, if you were severely injured or suffered considerable property loss, you have all the rights to retain a parking lot crash attorney in Fort Bend County. Of course, you are not barred from self-litigation, but to protect your rights and increase your chances of obtaining compensation, you need a seasoned attorney.

When you retain an attorney from our firm, you stand to get:

Proper Legal Advice on Your Case

As you get to work through your vehicle accident claim, you are bound to make tough decisions because you may lack the knowledge to understand some of the legal calls you should make, and this can end up harming your case. You don’t have to gamble with million-dollar compensation when our experienced parking lot accident representatives are readily available and eager to handle your case. We will help you make intelligent choices that guarantee maximum payment.

Free Legal Representation Until You Get Paid

Pursuing compensation in a car injury case is often an expensive affair. You need to pay court fees, retain expert witnesses, incur transportation costs to-and-from courts, as well as prepare necessary legal paperwork. Given you desperately need finances to get treatment for your injuries, you may forgo pursuing justice. However, with our dedicated attorneys by your side, financing your case should be the least of your worries. Through our contingency fee arrangement, you do not pay ANYTHING in attorneys’ fees until you are compensated. This way, you can focus on recovery while we fight for maximum compensation.

Aggressive Negotiations with Insurance Companies

Once your case commences, you are likely to get settlement offers from insurance companies. While this is a great start, you shouldn’t rush to accept their terms. Instead, you should consult with a skilled parking lot accident attorney. Often, the offers made are never a true reflection of your actual losses and accepting them bars you from seeking further compensation for your losses. With our attorneys, you are guaranteed a fair settlement. Our reputation speaks for itself, and it’s fair to say that some insurance adjusters dread us.

Strong Representation If Your Case Goes to Trial

Because not all motor vehicle accident cases are settled through negotiations, you need a skilled attorney who understands how the state court systems work. If you don’t reach a beneficial agreement with insurance companies, your only option will be to have a jury determine your case. Here, you need a trial-tested legal team to argue your claim convincingly. Our parking lot attorneys in Fort Bend County have previously won a plethora of favorable verdicts on behalf of our clients. We will draw from these experiences to get you a positive outcome.

Talk With a Fort Bend County Parking Lot Accident Attorney Today

Over the years, the Fort Bend County parking lot accident lawyers have represented victims all over Texas, recovering over $10 million of compensation for our clients. We understand what it takes to make a successful claim and are eager to fight for you. All you need to do is contact us to schedule a no-cost case evaluation with us today.

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