Car Accidents Involving Bad Weather in Cypress

rear of car through a windshield while raining

Car accidents caused by lousy weather often occur due to heavy rain downpours, ice, snow, fog, and mist. However, they may also be caused by blinding sun rays, especially during sunrise and sunset. Motorists are required to maintain high safety standards when driving in these conditions. Unfortunately, not all drivers adhere to set traffic rules in bad weather. In the end, tragic accidents occur, resulting in massive injuries, property loss, and sometimes death.

If you have been a victim of car accidents involving bad weather in Cypress, our attorneys can help. By establishing liability on individual parties, we may help you recover monetary compensation for your losses. The following guide will shed some light on how these accidents occur and who may be at fault. But for an in-depth review of your case, you should consult with our car accident lawyers as soon as possible.

How Car Accidents Occur in Bad Weather

Although bad weather increases the likelihood of vehicular crashes, liability often comes down to individual players on the road. It could be drivers, vehicle manufacturers, local state agencies as well as road construction companies. In our decades of handling car accidents involving bad weather, the following causes have proven to be significant contributing factors time and again:

Mechanical Defects

Defective vehicle parts and systems can prove to be catastrophic when driving in bad weather conditions. For example, a faulty braking or steering system can cause a rollover crash when the driver loses control of the vehicle. They may also rear-end other cars or hit other road users. Such scenarios may result in product liability claims against the manufacturer, distributor, or retailer of the defective part.


Every motorist in Texas must operate their vehicle within a set speed limit in good and bad weather. Generally, the speed limits are reduced in inclement weather conditions to ensure that drivers can see and react to any changes that come with wet and icy roads and visibility. Unfortunately, some drivers engage in dangerous acts such as highway racing in bad weather, creating a safety risk for other motorists and the general public.

Poor Driver Training

To safely operate a vehicle, a driver must be trained and licensed. This is especially the case with commercial trucks. Because they require proper handling, the driver must meet the minimum training threshold as set out by state and federal trucking laws. Failure to meet training requirements opens a pandora’s box to tragic accidents that often result in the loss of innocent lives.

Improper Cargo Balancing

Cargo loading and trucking companies must ensure proper loading of goods, more so in bad weather. Improper cargo handling may increase the risk of accidents in bad weather conditions, especially when the vehicle skids. A rollover crash may be inevitable in such cases.

Poor Road Conditions

It’s impossible to point out areas with potholes or debris during inclement weather conditions such as heavy rainfall, snow, and ice. As a result, a driver may walk blindly into a hazard, resulting in sudden swerves and dashes. Although Texas enjoys state-of-the-art road infrastructure, there are days when poorly maintained zones become a safety risk for motorists.

Unsafe Maneuvers and Lane Changes

It’s hazardous to make unsafe lane changes and maneuvers during inclement weather conditions in the Cypress area. Poor road conditions such as black ice, snow, fog, and mist reduce traction and visibility. Without these two, a driver may lose control of the vehicle, resulting in a chain of crashes, more so in heavy traffic.

Drowsy Driving

Operating a vehicle over long distances without enough rest breaks can lead to catastrophic injuries, especially in bad weather conditions. Driving while tired reduces the driver’s reaction time, and given the inclement weather conditions, an accident may be inevitable. It’s recommended that drivers have enough rest between trips to ensure that they are 100% attentive throughout their journey.

Liability for Bad Weather Vehicle Collisions in Cypress

Because it’s not possible to sue the bad weather conditions themselves, you must establish negligence on another party. From the contributing factors discussed earlier, the following parties may be held accountable for car crashes involving inclement weather conditions:

  • Individual driver for negligent or reckless driving
  • Car owners for negligent driver hiring
  • State agencies for poor road maintenance
  • Construction companies for poor road conditions
  • Cargo loading & offloading companies

Reach Out to a Cypress Bad Weather Accident Lawyer

The car accident lawyers at Lone Star Injury Attorneys will use their expertise, resources, and experience to establish liability in your case. From there, we will assign you the best legal team to fight for maximum compensation on your behalf at no upfront costs. Contact us today to learn more about car accidents involving bad weather in Cypress and how you can be compensated.

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