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As the name suggests, a head-on collision happens when two vehicles moving in opposite directions crash each other at their front ends. Typically, this happens because one of the drivers is in the wrong lane. It may also occur at an intersection when someone fails to yield the right of way. Sadly, 58% of vehicle occupants in these crashes suffer injuries or death, according to the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety (IIHS).

If you have been a victim of this type of vehicular crash, our car accident attorneys understand how terrifying it can be. For this reason, we step in to help you get the justice you deserve. Our Cypress head-on collision lawyers have years of experience handling these cases and recovering record-breaking settlements for our clients. We can help settle your case as well.

Protecting Your Legal Rights After a Head-On Collision

The steps you take immediately after an accident are vital to a successful lawsuit. It’s therefore in your best interests that you protect your legal rights by taking the following steps:

Seek Immediate Medical Evaluation

The nature of most head-on collisions is that they may cause severe injuries to the passenger or driver. But even so, you will still want to protect your legal rights and strengthen your case. The steps following an accident are very crucial. The first step should be helping the injured get to safety if you can. Call 911 to have an ambulance at the scene as soon as possible. Even if you think you are not injured, you may still want to get evaluated for internal injuries if you feel something is wrong.

Gather Evidence from the Scene

Once you have been treated, you may want to begin to work on your case by gathering evidence from the scene before it’s cleared. If you can’t, have someone you trust to collect the information you need on your behalf. Images and videos of the scene, including your injuries and totaled vehicles, are just as important. Talk to eyewitnesses and record their contact information. Note down the types of vehicles involved, their insurance companies, and the drivers’ contact information. With a car accident lawyer, you can have your investigation handled by professionals.

Notify Your Insurance Company

Next, notify your insurance company about the accident. Before any legal matters begin, an insurance adjuster will want to investigate your case. Notifying them also marks the beginning of the settlement process, and you are likely to get an initial offer. However, you should not sign any documents or give additional information without the counsel of a qualified attorney.

Retain a Cypress Head-On Collision Attorney

Lastly, you should retain an accredited Cypress lawyer to assist with your head-on collision case. Even if the insurance company is forthcoming, you won’t know what your claim is entirely worth, and given the tendency of insurance adjusters to act in bad faith, an attorney is your best ally. Your legal team will investigate your case to establish fault, record witness testimonials, evaluate your losses and represent your best interests during negotiations.

Establishing Liability in a Front-End Accident Case

The first question that you will want to be answered is who caused the accident. Insurance companies will also investigate your case before making any offers. Until fault is established, recovering compensation remains impossible.

Unfortunately, liability in a head-on collision is not always straightforward. The vehicles involved may be sent in different directions during impact, making it difficult to understand how the crash happened. With the right attorney, an accident reconstruction expert will use the facts around your case to determine why and how the collision occurred. From their findings, the following parties may bear liability:

  • Drivers for negligent behavior such as speeding, careless overtaking, or failing to yeild
  • Car manufacturer for defective parts and poor vehicle designs
  • Construction companies for poor road designs
  • Other motorists and road users for negligent behaviors
  • State agencies for poor road maintenance

In some cases, an accident may involve a government vehicle. Because the government has special rules when involved with lawsuits in Texas, you should consult an experienced lawyer who understands how front-end accident cases work. You may be able to find a way to recover your rightful compensation.

Our Cypress Head-On Collision Attorneys Could Help With Your Claim

Because most road accidents are caused by negligence, the attorneys at our firm are determined to help victims get the justice they deserve. Our Cypress head-on collision lawyers may help settle your case with insurance companies or in a courtroom, while guaranteeing client satisfaction. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help bring closure to your personal injury or car accident claim in a free case consultation.

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