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A rear-end collision can be terrifying, especially when you are the one rear-ended. Frequently in these crashes, the party hit from the back has no way to avoid it. Depending on the circumstances around which the accident happens, you may suffer minor or significant injuries. Your car may also be scratched or totaled. Either way, you should never lose sight of the risks that come with these accidents, more so in extreme cases.

If you suffered the same fate, you might be wondering whether you have a claim against the party that rammed into you. There is no better way of establishing the facts about your case than retaining an experienced Cypress rear-end collision accident lawyer. Their skills and resources are significant assets in determining liability and advancing your best interests in a personal injury claim. Can find out more about rear-end crashes from our auto accident attorneys today in a free consultation.

How a Rear-End Collision Occurs

Commonly, a rear-end crash occurs when a vehicle is crashed from its rear by another driver when traveling in the same direction. Some factors such as speed, state of drivers, mechanical state of the vehicles, weather, and road conditions may aggravate a back-end collision. If involving a lot of traffic, one crash may trigger a chain of accidents, resulting in more injuries and property damage. Our attorneys have noticed the most common causes of rear-end accidents are driver inattention and following too closely (tailgating).

Liability in a Tailgating Accident

Time and again, the rear driver is assumed to be at fault. This is because motorists are required to keep a safe distance between themselves and other vehicles. While this is primarily true, different scenarios make it almost impossible to establish liability, especially when it involves multiple cars. A knowledgeable Cypress attorney may review the facts around your case, talk to eyewitnesses and retain experts to help pinpoint the cause of the rear-end accident.

Some of the common defendants in an injury claim involving rear-end collisions are:

Vehicle Manufacturing Companies

Poor vehicle designs and defective parts may cause a crash. For example, the braking system may malfunction, or the tires may burst, leaving the driver with nothing to do to prevent a collision. Filing a product liability claim requires an attorney who understands industrial rules and regulations regarding defective products. Since manufacturing companies have attorneys ready to shoot down any claims against them, you should level the playing field by retaining a qualified lawyer.

Road Construction Companies

Vehicular crashes are sometimes attributed to poor road designs and signage. Because construction companies must guarantee the safety of their designs, a lawsuit may be brought against them if any of these conditions result in a rear-end collision. During construction, they are also required to warn motorists of the roadworks to cushion them from crashes. If they fail to do so, and someone is injured, they may bear financial responsibility for the losses that follow.

Individual Drivers

Drivers bear a legal duty of care in ensuring their actions on the road do not endanger the safety of other motorists and the general public. When they violate traffic rules by speeding, driving while intoxicated, driving aggressively, or making unsafe lane changes, they may bear liability in case of an accident. Their insurance company may cover your losses, but if not enough, a back-end collision lawyer can proceed with an uninsured or underinsured motorist claim.

Other Road Users

Motorcyclists, pedestrians, and cyclists also have a duty of care towards other motorists. Their actions should never pose a risk to the general public. But it’s not uncommon for drivers to slam on the brakes too soon to avoid hitting a pedestrian or motorcyclist who cuts them off. If a rear-end accident occurs under such circumstances, these other parties may be held accountable.

When It’s Partially My Fault

There are unique scenarios where you may bear liability for your injuries. If you believe you contributed to causing the accident, you should contact a back-end accident lawyer as soon as possible. Since Texas is a comparative fault state, you may qualify for compensation even when you are partly to blame. However, your degree of the blame must fall below 50% to recover damages.

Our Cypress Rear-End Collision Attorneys Could Help

If you were involved in a crash where the fault is contested, don’t give up your rights. Our Cypress rear-end collision lawyers are here to help. We retain accident reconstructions to enable us to paint a clear picture of how the crash occurred. Scheduling a no-cost case evaluation with an attorney from our firm is your first step to compensation. Contact us today to get started.

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