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A rear-end collision can be terrifying, particularly when you are the one who has been rear-ended. Often in such crashes, the party hit from behind has no way to prevent it. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the accident, you may suffer minor or significant injuries, and your car may be scratched or totaled. Regardless of the extent, it’s essential never to lose sight of the risks associated with these accidents, especially in more extreme cases.

If you have suffered from such an incident, you might be wondering whether you have a claim against the party that struck you. There is no better approach to establishing the facts about your case than consulting an experienced Cypress rear-end collision accident lawyer. Their expertise and resources are vital in determining liability and advocating for your best interests in a personal injury claim. You can learn more about rear-end crashes from our auto accident attorneys today during a free consultation.

How a Rear-End Collision Occurs

Typically, a rear-end crash happens when one vehicle is struck from behind by another, both traveling in the same direction. Various factors, such as speed, driver behavior, the mechanical condition of the vehicles, weather, and road conditions, may contribute to a rear-end collision. If this occurs in heavy traffic, one crash might trigger a chain of accidents, resulting in further injuries and property damage. Our attorneys have observed that the most common causes of rear-end accidents are driver inattention and following too closely (tailgating).

Liability in a Tailgating Accident

Frequently, the rear driver is presumed to be at fault, as motorists are required to maintain a safe distance from other vehicles. While this is generally true, different scenarios can make it challenging to establish liability, especially when multiple cars are involved. A knowledgeable Cypress attorney may review the details surrounding your case, speak with eyewitnesses, and retain experts to help identify the cause of the rear-end accident.

Some common defendants in an injury claim involving rear-end collisions are:

Vehicle Manufacturing Companies

Crashes can result from poor vehicle designs or defective parts, such as a malfunctioning braking system or bursting tires that leave drivers helpless to prevent a collision. Pursuing a product liability claim necessitates an attorney who is well-versed in the industrial rules and regulations surrounding defective products. As manufacturing companies often have attorneys prepared to dismiss any claims against them, it’s wise to even the playing field by engaging a skilled lawyer.

Road Construction Companies

Sometimes, vehicular accidents can be attributed to inadequate road designs or improperly marked signage. Construction companies have an obligation to ensure the safety of their designs, and failure to do so can result in legal action if these deficiencies cause a rear-end collision. They must also provide clear warnings to drivers about ongoing construction to help prevent accidents. If this responsibility is neglected, and someone is injured as a result, the company may be held financially accountable for the ensuing losses.

Individual Drivers

Drivers have a legal responsibility to ensure that their actions on the road don’t jeopardize the safety of other motorists or the general public. If they break traffic laws through actions such as speeding, intoxicated driving, aggressive behavior, or making unsafe lane changes, they may be held liable in the event of an accident. While their insurance company might cover your losses, if the coverage is inadequate, a rear-end collision lawyer can help you pursue an uninsured or underinsured motorist claim.

Other Road Users

Motorcyclists, pedestrians, and cyclists also bear a duty of care toward other road users, and their actions should never endanger others. Situations where drivers are forced to brake suddenly to avoid a pedestrian or motorcyclist who unexpectedly cuts them off are not uncommon. If these actions lead to a rear-end accident, the other parties involved might be held responsible for the consequences.

When It’s Partially Your Fault

There may be unique scenarios where you bear some responsibility for your injuries. If you think you contributed to the accident’s cause, it’s crucial to contact a back-end collision lawyer promptly. Since Texas operates under a comparative fault system, you may still qualify for compensation even if you are partly to blame. However, your degree of fault must be less than 50% for you to recover damages.

Our Cypress Rear-End Collision Attorneys Can Help

If you find yourself in a crash where fault is contested, don’t relinquish your rights. Our Cypress rear-end collision lawyers stand ready to assist you. We engage accident reconstruction experts to create a clear picture of how the crash occurred, helping to build a strong case in your favor. Scheduling a no-cost case evaluation with an attorney from our firm is the first step towards potential compensation. Contact us today to begin the process.

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