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Every day, hundreds of accidents happen, causing minor injuries that don’t require medical treatment. However, some accidents cause severe harm, resulting in hospitalization and, sometimes, permanent injury. More often than not, they seriously change the financial setting of the injured persons. Because they can’t go to work, their source of income is abruptly cut off, throwing them into a financial and emotional rollercoaster. Without enough money, sustaining the new needs that follow a severe injury may not be possible.

At Lone Star Injury Attorneys, we are committed to helping victims of catastrophic injuries get the justice they deserve after an accident. Because we understand the emotional and financial burden that families and friends of an injured person bear, we commit our resources and skills to handle high-stakes injury cases on our client’s behalf. Our Cypress catastrophic injury lawyers will stop at nothing but maximum compensation for your losses if another party was at fault for your injuries.

Understanding How Catastrophic Injuries Occur

As we mentioned, not all injuries are catastrophic. A catastrophic injury is more severe than typical scratches or bruises, and often results in permanent disability or damage to affected parts of the body. As expected, they also cause substantial financial implications that often prove to be a challenge given that the victim no longer can work. Filing a lawsuit may be your best way to recover enough finances for treatment and the necessary life adjustments you need to make.

Our Cypress catastrophic injury lawyers have handled cases resulting from injuries such as:

  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Head injuries
  • Internal body harm
  • Severe burn injuries
  • Broken bones

Most of the above injuries may cause permanent disfigurement or disability, making the victim dependent on their loved ones for their basic needs. A catastrophic injury lawsuit seeks to compensate you for your injuries and economic losses. The full extent of your damages can only be established by a reputable and resourceful attorney who understands the pain and suffering that follows such injuries. Our severe accident lawyers have always put our client’s needs first, ensuring they get the monetary compensation they deserve. If your case meets the minimum threshold for recovery, we will aggressively ensure that you get compensated for:

Economic Damages

The direct monetary losses you incur after suffering a catastrophic injury make the basis of your claim. They mainly cover treatment costs and any other provable financial loss. You need an assertive lawyer to negotiate a fair catastrophic injury settlement that reflects your actual losses. Economic damages include:

  • Lost wages
  • Therapy costs
  • Homecare costs
  • Past and future medical costs
  • Lost future earnings
  • Any other provable loss

Putting together your tangible losses may require the assistance of a knowledgeable financial expert. They should be able to incorporate your past, present, and future economic losses.

Non-Economic Damages

Perhaps the most tremendous loss anyone can suffer following a catastrophic injury is the excruciating pain and suffering. The emotional trauma one has to live with, including the loss of quality of life, can be challenging even for the bravest of us. Because our compassionate attorneys understand how this affects your physical recovery, we leave nothing to chance when fighting for your rights. We believe that the parties at fault should be held accountable for the debts and stress incurred in your life. Non-economic damages cover the intangible losses your or your loved ones suffer. They include:

  • Loss of consortium in case of wrongful death
  • Pain and Suffering
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders (PTSD)
  • Loss of quality of life

Although it’s almost impossible to put a dollar figure to these losses, your attorney can help evaluate them by retaining a financial expert.

Punitive Damages

If your case goes to trial, you may also qualify for punitive damages. Unfortunately, they are not meant to make you whole again but to punish the party at fault for their recklessness and deter other parties from making the same mistakes. Because punitive damages are not applicable in all personal injury cases, you should discuss your eligibility with a qualified catastrophic injury attorney in Cypress.

Have You Been Injured? Our Cypress Catastrophic Injury Attorneys Could Help

If you have been a victim of a life-changing, you may be eligible for compensation. The only way to know whether someone else was negligent is to retain a resourceful Cypress catastrophic injury lawyer to investigate the circumstances of your case. The attorneys at our firm take pride in recovering record-breaking compensation for our clients. Please don’t wait. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you following a life-changing injury.

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