Side-Impact Truck Accidents in Texas City

All vehicular accidents are dangerous, but side-impact collisions (also known as t-bones and broadsides) can be particularly devastating. Due to the design of most cars and the unnatural contortions these accidents force upon the body, side-impact collisions cause some of the most severe injuries. And when the collision is caused by a massive commercial truck, the disastrous effects are compounded. Side-impact truck accidents in Texas City can be life-changing events. You may feel powerless in the aftermath of a side-impact collision, but help is available. With the assistance of Lone Star Injury Attorneys, you could hold the negligent parties responsible and get the settlement you need to get your life back on track.

Why Side Impact Collisions Are So Dangerous

Side-impact collisions cause some of the worst injuries. This is partly due to human anatomy. In front or back-end collisions, the body moves back and forth; and while these movements can and do cause injury, they are movements the body is designed for. In side-impact collision, the body is jerked side to side in unnatural movements, thereby creating a greater risk of damage. The design of most vehicles also makes these collisions more dangerous. Most cars have structural buffers in the front and back (i.e. the engine and the trunk), which can absorb some of the impact. But in side-impact collisions, only the doors are between the oncoming vehicle and the passengers, so the passengers take more of the impact. Also, seat belts and headrests are designed to protect against front and back-end collisions and provide little protection for side impacts. As such, side impact collisions are particularly dangerous, and when Texas City drivers are side-struck by trucks, the accidents can be especially severe.

Damages in Side-Impact Truck Collisions

When an injury is due to another’s negligence, the injured person should be able to collect economic and noneconomic damages. Economic damages compensate for actual financial loss, covering specific expenses like medical bills, costs of treatment, and lost wages. Noneconomic damages compensate for losses that cannot easily be assigned a dollar value, like pain and suffering, mental anguish, and loss of enjoyment in life. A third type of damages are exemplary damages (sometimes called “punitive” damages), which are not intended to compensate for the injury but to punish the wrongdoer. Exemplary damages may be awarded in cases of gross negligence, but they are less common than compensatory damages.

After a Texas City side-impact truck accident involving a negligent truck driver, the injured person should be able to collect damages from not only the driver but also the employee trucking company. This is because Texas follows the law of respondent superior, meaning the employer is responsible for their employees’ negligent acts when committed in the course and scope of their employment. However, trucking companies often designate their drivers as independent contractors rather than employees, which may allow the company to escape liability. In that case, the suit must be brought against the driver individually. Also, Texas law imposes specific procedures and limitations upon plaintiffs attempting to hold trucking companies responsible for their drivers. The complex nature of the law in this area highlights the importance of speaking to an attorney with experience in the subject matter.

Statute of Limitations

A statute of limitations provides a deadline after which a civil lawsuit can no longer be brought. For personal injury actions in Texas City, such as may arise from a side-impact truck collision, the deadline is two years. Certain events toll the statute of limitations, pausing the clock for a period. For example, certain disabilities—if they existed at the time the cause of action arose—will toll the statute. However, tolling of the statute of limitations is relatively rare, and injured persons should seek the advice of counsel as soon as they are able.

Contact Us for Help After a Texas City Side-Impact Truck Collision

Side-impact truck accidents in Texas City can cause grave injuries and upend lives. If you have been injured in such an accident, you deserve both support and compensation. There may be several viable paths to holding the negligent parties responsible, and an attorney could help you understand those options. Call today for an initial consultation.

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