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motorcyclist driving awayMotorcycling is regarded as one of the most convenient, easiest, and fastest means of road transportation across the globe. This is often based on their maneuverability on the road. Motorcycle riders can easily navigate through areas considered to be inaccessible by other automobile users.

However, this freedom is not as rosy as it may seem, and many bikers will eventually need the help of a Texas motorcycle accident lawyer especially when a crash occurs. In 2020, the Texas Department of Transportation reported at least 7,481 motorcycle accidents. 482 motorcyclists were killed the same year.

Unfortunately, many of these incidents stem from negligence, and anyone who suffers injuries as a result may be entitled to compensation. To learn more or get started, schedule a consultation with our personal injury attorneys today.

Motorcycle Riders Are at Greater Risk for Injuries

On most occasions, motorcycle riders are exposed to insurmountable dangers compared to other road users. For example, riders have no protective shields between them, the motorcycle, and the road compared to most automobiles. When you get involved in a motorcycle wreck, its aftermath can be daunting. You may be forced to incur unprecedented costs arising from the assessment and treatment of injuries from the accident.

In many cases, these accidents are catastrophic, leaving you permanently injured or worse. Adhering to Texas motorcycling rules by wearing the appropriate gear, observing speed limits, and being in the right lane at the right time is commendable. However, our attorneys will tell you that despite your best efforts, motorcycle accidents happen very suddenly. A simple error from fellow road users can be your undoing. So in case of such eventuality, you should consult a seasoned Texas motorcycle accident lawyer about your rights.

Effects of Motorcycle Collisions

Survivors of motorcycle crashes are, in many cases, financially constrained to points where they are completely unable to cover their medical bills which subsequently accrue to hundreds of thousands of dollars. This becomes the breeding ground for social discomfort that leads to emotional constraints, family fallout, and loss of self-esteem. All of these factors are unfair to an innocent motorcycle rider whose only mistake was not being better protected in a car.

Injured motorcycle riders are, however, eligible for compensation arising from loss of income, damage of property, and everyday medical bills. What’s more, should a motorcyclist lose their life, immediate family members are entitled to the same compensation if the right channels are followed by filing a wrongful death suit. A qualified motorcycle accident attorney can help you understand your rights and assist in pursuing your rightful compensation as a victim of negligence.

Getting Compensated for Your Injuries

With the help of a professional attorney, you can be compensated for all damages incurred in a motorcycle wreck, though no amount of dollars can be equated to your health and life. This will only serve to restore some normalcy in your day-to-day life. Given that seeking legal redress for compensation may not be your top priority during the recovery period, our firm has measures in place to ensure that you do not need to go into debt to receive treatment.

Predicting the expected value of the settlement is not a walk in the park, since many factors are considered before giving a concrete approximation of compensation. Your defendant’s insurance company will spend many nights trying to factor in all possibilities of having your case dropped on legal grounds. For instance, they will examine the whole accident scene and its aftermath to prove that you were reckless, therefore opening the window for a ‘no-case-to-answer’ for the defendant.

Motorcycle Riders Used as Scapegoats

Based on our experience, which continues to repeat itself, the majority of local motorcycle accidents are solely blamed on the riders. Contrary to these beliefs, a huge number of motorcycle collisions are caused by devil-may-care truck and car drivers. They fail to notice and give way to motorcyclists, therefore interfering with their right of way, leaving them at the mercy of fate.

Numerous legislative bills have been passed in a bid to curb this problem that is claiming innocent lives at an alarming rate, but the trend remains unperturbed. For this reason, there needs to be an effective, seamless, and point-blank legal undertaking that will set the pace for motorcycling.

Factors Considered when Evaluating Settlement Costs in a Motorcycle Crash Claim

Some of the factors considered by insurance companies and judges in evaluating the value of compensation include the extent of your injuries. Permanent injuries such as brain damage, paralysis, bone fractures, trauma, or damage to the spine typically call for larger settlements. For impairments that cannot be easily confirmed through diagnostic tests, a qualified psychiatrist will be required to examine you for signs of depression and anxiety, which can raise the stakes of a better settlement if well-presented before a jury.

Apart from the injuries sustained, the jury will also put into test the credibility of the motorcycle accident’s witnesses, your eligibility to own and operate a motorcycle, cause of the collision, and your perceived state of health at the time of the accident. However, all these legal requirements should not worry you. We are here for you, ready to mount a legal fight against insurance companies on your behalf.

Talk to an Experienced Texas Motorcycle Accident Attorney Today

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You probably have a lot of questions running through your mind by now. Where do I start? Who do I approach? We understand what you may be going through. That is the sole reason why you must have a qualified and experienced Texas motorcycle accident lawyer who can walk with you every step of the way. Failing to have a top-notch attorney can make you easy prey to the defendant’s insurance company, resulting in settlements valued much lower than actual costs or none at all.

We have experienced lawyers at your service, ready to help you take a leap of faith into a completely new world of financial and emotional freedom after experiencing a life-threatening motorcycle accident. As you strive toward your full recovery, let our attorneys fight for your rightful compensation. Contact our office today.

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