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A recent survey conducted by the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) indicates that over 52,000 people lose their lives annually as a result of traumatic brain injuries (TBI). What’s more, at least 2 million others are grappling with brain injuries, a number which is detrimental to the successful growth of any nation both socially and economically. While not all of these injuries require a Texas brain injury lawyer, a surprising number of them are caused by someone else’s negligence and would require an attorney.

A majority of TBIs are sustained through road accidents, which in many cases narrow down to human error. In other cases, brain injuries can be self-sustained through sporting activities. But how can you distinguish between a self-sustained brain injury from one caused by a second party’s negligence? A seasoned catastrophic injury attorney would be able to analyze the factors of your potential case to make that determination.

Symptoms of a Brain Injury

The brain is as vital as it is delicate. It’s therefore prudent that absolute care is taken care of your head as you drive, engage in sports, climb the stairs, or run an errand. Severe head trauma can change your life in insurmountable ways. Some common brain injury symptoms include:

  • Nausea
  • Headache
  • Depression
  • Cognitive problems
  • Irritability
  • Change in emotions
  • Difficulty in vision

You Can be Compensated for Traumatic Brain Injuries

We often find ourselves seeking medical care services from healthcare practitioners with high hopes of getting professional help. But in some cases, they are in a hurry to get to their kids, run errands, go home, or even attend to more distress calls from other patients. As a result, their focus tends to shy away from you, leading to unprecedented negligence, no matter how dedicated or professional they may seem. This, according to statutes enshrined in Texas law, is an offense. Failure by local healthcare service providers to accord their patients with standard care may lead to other conditions that could be avoided, such as TBIs.

Similarly, drivers who fail to follow the rules of the road must pay for the damages they cause, including those severe as brain injuries.

In case you, your family member, or a close friend has been injured as a result of someone else’s negligence, a local lawyer can help you file a brain injury lawsuit to get compensated for the losses incurred. TBIs are not only life-threatening, but also require a lot of money if full recovery is anything to go by.

What’s more, traumatic brain injuries can cause more harm to those around you, as they work round the clock to ensure that you are as comfortable as possible. They will run errands for you, pick up your prescriptions, take you for further brain examinations, but most of all, worry about your well-being, both physically and financially. None of your loved ones should be subjected to such emotional torture, and it is recommended to contact a Texas attorney to begin the process of demanding compensation.

Filing a Brain Injury Lawsuit

Brain injury cases can take a long time before they are finally resolved, as is the case with other serious lawsuits. This is primarily based on the sensitive nature of the brain and the severity of the harm. A traumatic brain injury claim is complicated and requires close attention to detail. What’s more, the settlement process can be lengthy due to:

  • Difficulties when acquiring necessary medical records
  • Overcrowded courtrooms
  • Worsening of patient’s health condition
  • Busy defense lawyers
  • Unavailable witnesses
  • Overworked medical practitioners

Moreover, treatment costs for TBIs are more expensive than most treatments. For this reason, you may feel financially challenged to pursue your deserved justice. A Texas-based lawyer can be your superman, fighting for you as you take rest.

One of the most common ways of obtaining compensation is through an out-of-court settlement. Through this window, you can conveniently get access to better medical services through the funds received. However, in complex brain injury cases, the negligent party is more likely to force the injured to bring their case into the court system.

Many insurance companies and high-end lawyers can persuade victims into accepting sub-standard settlements far below the standard rates in exchange for forfeiting their rights to pursue a lawsuit. But with the help of a skilled attorney, you can get compensated for your medical bills as well as your emotional and physical pains of dealing with a brain injury.

The Negligence Theory

Most events occur as a result of someone else’s actions. For example, lighting a bulb requires an action on the switch. Similarly, any health defects witnessed today require a point of action, whether intentional or not. But when someone fails to adhere to set rules and standards in an undertaking, resulting to third parties harm or injuries, the case is treated as an act of negligence.

The modern world is characterized by numerous cases of personal or corporate negligence that end up derailing the lives of many innocent people. Such cases include brain injuries. Many regulations have been put in place in a bid to mitigate such occurrences. If you have suffered from brain injuries due to a party’s negligence, you are well-covered under Texas tort law.

The negligence theory states that a person can be held directly responsible for causing harm to another party through their actions. This mainly occurs due to their failure to uphold rules governing certain operations such as driving, operating machinery, or owning property.

If you have sustained brain injuries due to some else’s carelessness, the law has given you a window through which you can sue them and demand compensation. However, you will likely need an attorney to see you through.

Brain injuries are not only caused by people we do not know. Many injuries are caused by coworkers, friends, or property owners. However, no matter the relationship or social status, you will be able to file a claim with the aid of a lawyer.

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