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Dogs are widely known for their love and companionship with humans since time immemorial. Since then, dog rearing has evolved over the years. Some dog owners keep them for security purposes, while others just love their company and keep them as pets. However, even the seemingly most harmless dogs can cause harm when they attack and bite other people, resulting in personal injuries and occasionally property damage. When this happens, you may need the services of a Texas dog bite attorney.

Are Dog Bites Worth an Attorney?

Being the victim of a dog bite can be emotionally, financially, and physically devastating. But despite having increased cases of dog bites in Texas, the majority of them go unreported, leaving injured parties to nurse serious injuries on their own. For those who opt to take the long road and seek compensation from insurance companies of the dog owner or from the dog owner themselves, the end result may prove to be fruitless without the assistance of a local attorney. This is because many dog owners, as well as their home insurance that covers dog bites, do not take a canine attack claim seriously without the threat of filing a claim in the civil court system.

Without an attorney, insurance companies may use their opportunity to persuade claimants into accepting poor settlements for the damages incurred. As such, dog bite victims often get into bad settlement agreements because they are unaware that the law provides a leeway through which they can easily file a claim.

Recovering Damages after a Canine Attack

If you or your loved ones have been injured in a local canine attack, there exists a wide array of losses you may incur in the days to come. Some of them may not seem to be worth a claim, but a dog bite lawyer in our area cam help you evaluate each case and provide representation if your case requires an attorney. If your injury resulted in scarring or required medical treatment, it is likely that a lawyer would add value to your case. You may be entitled to the following non-economic damages, which are based on your psychological and emotional well-being:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Humiliation
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Physical impairment
  • Grief

However, each dog bite case is quite different from the other, and this may leave you questioning whether to file a lawsuit or not. With a Texas lawyer on your side, you will be equipped with basic know-how in matters revolving around dog bites, even if your attorney does not recommend full litigation.

Medical Bills Incurred

Many dog bites require immediate and continuous medical assessment and treatment to ensure that the injuries do not worsen or cause infection. Given the magnitude of the attack, treatments costs can escalate to points where you may need thousands of dollars for medications, surgeries, and therapy.

Contrary to popular belief, insurance policies do not automatically cover all medical costs. As such, you may be required to dig deeper into your pockets to sustain the healing process. This can be a challenge, given that your source of income may be affected by your dog bite injury. Our skilled legal team can help you by arranging for medical care that works with your needs, as well as ensuring that the parties at fault are brought to justice by paying for all treatment costs.

Lost Wages

People who get injured through dog bites often become unable to undertake their daily activities, such as going to work. One is often allowed to take a sick leave or wait for holidays to help them recover. It may be a day or even two, and the wages therein remain intact.

However, having to nurse serious injuries that keep you away from work for weeks, months, or years can be devastating in your professional life. No employer can pay you for work not performed, no matter the how severe your injuries are. As a result, you may end up losing substantial wages from your injury. For this reason, it is advisable to consult with our experienced Texas canine bite attorney to help you seek compensation for lost wages.

Maximizing the Value of Compensation

If you have witnessed a compensation claim for injuries and damages before, you may understand that insurance companies have no intention to offer fair settlement upfront. In most cases, they will manipulate victims into accepting low settlement offers, given that many victims do not consult a lawyer in such cases. However, our attorneys can fight for you to the end by seeing to it that you get the full value for injuries sustained. This will go a long way in helping you get the medical attention you deserve.

Contact a Texas Dog Bite Lawyer Today

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Consulting a Texas dog bite lawyer will set the stage for a legal battle between you, the insurance company, and the dog owner. It may be challenging to fight this battle alone, as a wrong move may result in forfeiting your right to compensation.

The insurance company and dog owner will take the case more seriously if you let a lawyer represent you. By so doing, they will have no other option but to cooperate and compensate you. They will not be able to manipulate your lawyer into accepting a low settlement offer and will be less likely to risk going to court when you have competent legal counsel. Your attorney can lay out the evidence to allow for the insurance company to quickly and easily resolve the claim

These are just a sneak preview of what a lawyer from our firm can do for you. For more details on how to file a dog bite lawsuit in our area, please contact us and schedule a consultation with our experienced dog bite attorneys today.

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