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Rear-end collisions usually happen out of nowhere. You may be sitting in your car in a parking lot listening to a podcast or slowing down at a red light only for your car to suddenly jolt forward. Before you realize it, you have already been rear-ended. Because most of these accidents occur unexpectedly, the driver on the receiving end usually has no time to react or brace for impact. As a result, many of them end up suffering serious injuries such as whiplash, chest injuries, and head injuries among others.

If you were rear-ended, you may want to settle the matter at the scene without involving a third party such as the police or an attorney. While this may be an option, especially in cases where no one is injured, reporting your accident and hiring a Texas City rear-end collision lawyer is the best option in scenarios involving serious injuries and extensive property damage. Even if the other driver wants to settle, you should ask them to take the matter to your car accident attorney. Never trust the words of the at-fault party or their insurance company.

Understanding Rear-End Collisions

Rear-end collisions are among the most frequently reported auto wrecks in Texas. While modern vehicles have automated pre-collision systems, these accidents still happen all the time. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), rear-end collisions account for at least 29% of all traffic accidents reported annually nationwide. Unfortunately, many of these crashes are foreseeable. This means they are equally preventable but for careless and negligent conduct among parties such as drivers, vehicle manufacturers, state agencies, construction companies, and vehicle owners.

The leading causes of rear-end collisions that our Texas City attorneys handle are:

Distracted Driving

With the major advancement in technology we enjoy today, more drivers continue to use cell phones and other devices while driving. Others engage in distractions such as eating, grooming, and using navigation. Distracted driving takes the driver’s eyes and mind off the road, robbing them of the split second it takes for a crash to occur. Because of the skyrocketing cases of distracted driving in Texas, the state has banned the use of cell phones while driving.


Many drivers speed for no absolute reason. Flouting state laws regarding speed limits is a common recipe for auto wrecks including rear-end collisions. Speeding makes it nearly impossible for a driver to stop in case the vehicle in front halts or slows down. Some rear-end collisions involving speeding often occur at intersections as drivers rush against time to beat a red light.

Inexperienced Driving

Inexperienced driving is another frequent cause of rear-end collisions. An inexperienced driver may not be well conversant with traffic rules regarding speeding, lane changes, and safe vehicle distance. As a result, they end up following other cars too close, making it difficult to avoid a crash especially when the other driver stops or slows down.

Road Rage

Aggressive driving on Texas roads is not a new phenomenon. Many drivers admit to getting angry and frustrated at one point when driving. When such emotions are not managed, they may spiral into physical confrontations. Road rage usually involves tailgating another vehicle or ramming them intentionally. This may have fatal consequences, especially on a highway where vehicles are traveling at a high speed.

Vehicle Malfunctions

While drivers are largely to blame for rear-end collisions, they are not always to blame. When critical components of a vehicle such as the steering and braking systems fail, such crashes are likely to happen. For example, a driver may be approaching an intersection unaware of defective brakes. As a result, they end up running a red light or crashing other vehicles in their path. Such failure may be attributed to unsafe designs and improper vehicle maintenance which can be blamed on vehicle owners and manufacturers.

Let a Texas City Rear-End Attorney Offer Help

While a rear-end collision may pass as minor, you still deserve justice. You can decide to settle with the other party and their insurance company alone if the damage caused is negligible. However, if someone is killed or severely injured, hiring a skilled Texas City rear-end collision attorney is the best choice.

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