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Highway accidents can be devastating. Besides the risk of fatalities, such accidents often result in life-changing injuries. Sadly, many of these accidents involve careless driving. Recently, a crash on Texas 110 claimed the lives of five people, as reported by the Texas Department of Public Safety. This is just a small representation of the many cases reported nationally.

Anyone responsible for an auto wreck should be held accountable. Besides facing criminal proceedings, the negligent party also faces civil charges. This allows the injured victims to recover damages for losses suffered with the help of a skilled car crash attorney. If you were hurt or lost a loved one, our Texas City highway accident lawyers are available to discuss the way forward. You may be eligible for compensation, but firstly, let’s look at the most common causes of these accidents:

Driver Negligence

Drivers are to blame for most highway accidents. Although preventative measures are put in place to curb driver negligence, many of them still end up failing to observe the duty of care. This usually revolves around flouting traffic laws. Some of the most frequent driver negligence behaviors and practices are:

If any of these behaviors resulted in a crash that caused your injuries or the loss of a loved one, our excellent Texas City highway accident attorneys won’t rest until the matter is resolved. We will team up with accident reconstruction experts to unravel the moments leading up to the crash to establish whether the driver may have been careless.

Vehicle Defects

Sometimes the vehicle itself is to blame. Since it is made up of thousands of different components that enhance and facilitate its drivability, any malfunction or defect can be disastrous. For example, when the braking systems fail on a steep hill, the driver may run out of options. The vehicle is likely to roll back, crashing everything in its path. Similarly, steering system malfunctions can also result in a tragic highway accident, especially in commercial trucks. Tire blowouts are another common defect that is responsible for many auto wrecks on Texas highways.

Bad Weather

Texas experiences different weather patterns every day and season. Some of them create a risky environment for motorists. For instance, a heavy downpour may result in hydroplaning which is a scenario where the vehicle’s tires float on wet pavement, reducing their traction on the tarmac. Another common scenario that arises from bad weather is fog and mist, which reduce visibility among motorists. High winds also contribute to auto wrecks by blowing debris into moving traffic. Although inclement weather may be largely blameworthy for these accidents, a skilled Texas highway accident attorney may hold motorists and other parties accountable for failing to act reasonably in bad weather.

The Tricky Business of Establishing Fault in a Highway Accident

In order to accurately determine fault in a highway accident case, it must be established and demonstrated that:

  • A duty of care existed
  • The duty was breached
  • The breach resulted in injuries
  • Damages were incurred

These elements of negligence are pretty straightforward. However, you are likely to need assistance from a qualified Texas City highway accident attorney, especially when the other party is denying fault. You may also be partially to blame, so you need to know how to handle your case without compromising your chances of making a successful claim.

The most common defendants in Texas highway accident cases are:

Individual Drivers

As discussed above, drivers are mostly blameworthy for auto wrecks on our roads. They may be sued at a personal level or through their insurance companies. You should collect their contact and insurance information before leaving the scene of a crash.

Vehicle Owners

Vehicle owners who employ negligent or inexperienced drivers may also be at fault. Car accidents involving defects caused by improper vehicle maintenance may also be blamed on the owners, making them liable for damages caused.

Municipalities & Construction Companies

When poor road infrastructure causes a crash, the municipalities and construction companies responsible for the maintenance and rehabilitation of these roads may be sued. Your attorney may retain a highway safety expert to determine whether an unsafe aspect in the construction or maintenance of the highway contributed to the accident.

Speak with Our Texas City Highway Accident Attorneys

How fault is distributed in a highway accident depends on several factors. For example, the state of the drivers involved matters a lot, just as the roadworthiness of their vehicles does. Additionally, liability laws in your state also determine who is to blame. A knowledgeable Texas City highway accident lawyer is required to demonstrate the elements of negligence as applicable in your case. Schedule a free case review with our team today.

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