Texas City Car Accident Compensation

Car accidents are too common in Texas City. Statistics from the Texas Department of Transportation show that a crash is reported every minute. If you are involved in an auto wreck, your life can change instantly.

Whether you were injured or lost a loved one in a car accident, justice should prevail. You should be compensated for the losses you suffer. Unfortunately, insurance companies are rarely fair. For this reason, you need a reliable, trusted, and experienced auto wreck attorney to guide you through the Texas City car accident compensation process.

Who Pays Compensation in a Texas City Car Accident Case?

The party or person with financial responsibility for your damages is one that contributed to the accident by negligence. Therefore, your first duty will be to identify ways in which the duty of care was breached. Although insurance companies step in to compensate car accident victims, they do so on behalf of the following parties:

Car Owners

Car owners must properly maintain their vehicles. This means regular maintenance must be carried out as required under Texas laws. Additionally, they must hire drivers with the requisite qualifications to safely operate a vehicle. Failure to meet these requirements amounts to a breach of duty, and anyone injured in a crash involving the car owner’s negligence may file a claim.

Car Manufacturers

Faulty vehicle systems and unsafe car designs are common grounds on which vehicle manufacturers are set up for lawsuits. With the help of accident reconstruction experts and mechanical engineers, your attorney can establish whether a failed vehicle component caused your crash. If so, the manufacturer may be sued for the damages caused.

Construction Companies

Like drivers and car owners, construction companies also have a singular duty to ensure road designs are safe for all motorists. This includes marking hazardous areas such as sharp bends. If established to have breached this duty, construction companies then have an obligation to compensate car accident victims for losses suffered.


Another popular way Texas City car accident compensation works is through driver insurance coverage. All motorists are mandated to carry valid insurance coverage when on Texas roads. In case of an accident, the coverage compensates insured risks. In the instance where the other driver is not insured, you may file a claim with your insurance company.

Insurance Companies Vs Going to Trial

There are two major ways Texas City car accident compensation works. With the counsel of an experienced attorney, you may decide to negotiate a settlement with insurance companies. This means dealing with insurance adjusters. An initial offer is made by the adjuster on behalf of insurance companies. Oftentimes, the offer is way below the true value of your damages. The goal is to allow room for back-and-forth negotiations. Sometimes the award is meant to trick you into signing away your rights. Without sound legal counsel from a seasoned attorney, you may settle for less than you truly deserve.

Another way to pursue compensation is through a court process. This involves a judge or jury rather than an insurance adjuster. Your attorney files a petition in court detailing the facts about your accident and your demands. The at-fault party then answers back denying or accepting your claim. This marks the beginning of the trial process. Although many cases do not reach this phase, those which do often result in additional compensation in the form of punitive damages.

Statute of Limitation for Car Accident Compensation

Anyone who wishes to pursue compensation in a Texas City car accident case has a limited time to do so. In Texas, the statute of limitations is the same used in personal injury claims. You have up to two years from the day of the accident to file your petition. This limit applies to all types of claims including property damage and wrongful death. However, the statute of limitations in wrongful death claims starts from the day or time of death rather than that of the crash. It is important to consult with an attorney about the statute of limitation to ensure that you are still within the legal timeframe to pursue compensation.

Let Our Attorneys Help You Pursue Texas City Car Accident Compensation

The Texas City car accident compensation process is not only complex but also time intensive. Unfortunately, you may not have the luxury of time to deal with your case while following up with treatment. The legal matters that arise are also beyond your experience and qualifications. Instead, you can hire a skilled attorney from Lone Star Injury Attorneys today. We are available to discuss your case for free – give us a call.

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