Texas City Hit and Run Accident Lawyer

When an accident happens, it’s expected that the at-fault party will immediately stop and remain at the scene. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. A hit-and-run accident occurs when a motorist causes an accident and flees without stopping as required by law.

If you were hurt, lost property, or lost a loved one in a similar accident, a Texas City hit-and-run accident lawyer may help you discover ways to recover compensation. Call our seasoned car accident attorneys today to know your rights and get help with your case.

Why Do Hit & Run Accidents Happen?

When a motorist knocks down a pedestrian, biker, or cyclist, or hits another vehicle, they are bound by law to stop. However, a driver may flee without providing assistance to injured persons or identifying themselves for the following reasons:

  • Driving without a valid license
  • Driving while under the influence of alcohol
  • Driving a stolen vehicle
  • Possession of illegal substances or illegal goods
  • Fear of being fined or ticketed

Sometimes a driver may flee due to adrenaline, fear, and anxiety. However, this is no excuse for not stopping or driving back to the scene immediately. Anyone who causes a crash must stop and remain at the scene whether they are at fault or not. Leaving an accident scene in Texas where someone is seriously injured or killed is a third-degree felony. Besides facing jail term through criminal action, the at-fault party may also face civil charges constituted by a Texas hit-and-run accident attorney on behalf of the injured person.

What You Should Do After a Hit and Run Accident

The moments following a hit-and-run accident can be traumatizing, especially when there is no one to help. Additionally, you may be left with expenses as you repair damaged property or seek treatment for your injuries. The immediate measures you take after a hit and run may help protect your rights and also ensure your safety.

Critical steps you should remember to take include:

Stop & Stay at the Scene

No matter how agitated you feel, never chase after the fleeing driver. Doing so will not only undermine your claim but also put you in harm’s way. Always remain where you are and stay calm. The best you can do is note down the direction where the driver fled, the model of their vehicle, their license plate as well as the time of the accident.

Call the Police

Hit-and-run accidents are not something you should let go of easily. Even if you are not injured, the other driver may be equally aggressive to other motorists too. Therefore, the best you can do to prevent further chaos is to call the Police department and report the accident. Remember as many details about the motorist as you can for easier tracing. Reporting the crash also documents your accident as a true occurrence.

See a Doctor

Due to the shock and adrenaline that kicks in right after an accident, you may not notice your injuries. Some of them may be fatal if not discovered and treated early. Therefore, you should see a doctor immediately, especially when your body starts to show unusual symptoms such as swelling or pain. You will need medical documentation and testimonials from your doctor to prove your injuries and related damages when filing a claim with your Texas City hit and run accident attorney.

Document Everything

If you can, document everything that happened just the way you remember. Doing so can make it easier to track down the other driver. Jot down the direction where they fled, the vehicle license plate, and color, as well as the vehicle model. Take photos of your injuries and damaged property, and also remember to talk to as many witnesses as you can. Their side of the story is crucial in corroborating your claim.

Call a Texas City Hit and Run Accident Attorney

Whether you were injured or not, a hit-and-run accident is an offense that should be handled with the seriousness it deserves. Hence, you cannot afford to handle such legal matters alone. Hiring an experienced Texas City hit-and-run accident lawyer serves to protect your interests and rights against the at-fault party and insurance companies.  We are committed to holding every party involved in your injuries accountable. Call us today.

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