Length of a Sugar Land Wrongful Death Case

When a family loses a loved one, they often have many questions about the process of seeking the legal justice they deserve. One of the most common concerns is how long it might take before a settlement or other resolution. The length of a Sugar Land wrongful death case can vary based on many factors, including what evidence needs to be gathered or whether expert witnesses may need to be used. Timelines can also vary simply by how full the court’s docket is that is hearing the case. While it is impossible to perfectly predict the duration of a case, attorneys who regularly handle wrongful death cases can help families assess the possible delaying factors and plan appropriately for the short and long term.

The Facts of a Wrongful Death Case Can Drive Its Duration

Many families may need to know the length of a wrongful death lawsuit for financial planning. Unfortunately, wrongful death cases are distinct from each other. Those distinctions can shorten or lengthen the duration of a case, and sometimes it might not be readily apparent what could cause delays. For example, two lawsuits against manufacturers based on faulty wiring in equipment may seem similar. Yet, one manufacturer might be owned by a company located outside of the United States. That ownership could delay obtaining important records. Or one family may be seeking justice for the death of a loved one who owned their own company while another received regular wages. The length of a wrongful death case in Sugar Land is usually determined by the facts. Yet, at the beginning of a case, many of the facts may still be under investigation.

Common Complications That Can Extend a Wrongful Death Case

There are some common factors that are known to affect the length of a wrongful death case in Sugar Land. Those factors include:

  • The kind, quantity, and location of evidence: Generally, the more complex, comprehensive, and corporate-controlled the evidence, the longer a case may be. Sometimes the disputes over obtaining evidence can involve unusual questions and require court intervention to resolve them.
  • The defendant, or its insurer, and their strategy: Some companies make every aspect of a case contentious. They may also want to move a case to another state or court, causing travel delays. Additional defendants can also add delays. This may also be true if there are multiple victims involved in the lawsuit.
  • The causation theory involved: Simple cases that are based on straightforward facts and direct cause-and-effect relationships are usually shorter than those involving professional or manufacturing issues, like medical malpractice or product liability. Cases where the deceased is involved in the causation, but not responsible, can also be of greater duration.
  • The court (or courts) involved: The length of a wrongful death case can vary from one state court to another, even among judges, based on how many other cases they have. Additionally, there may be differences between cases filed in state versus federal courts. Finally, sometimes a case filed in federal court may be put on hold while a state court case is resolved. It can be difficult to know whether other, similar, cases have been filed that may cause these kinds of delays.

Families may also want to know when a settlement might be paid. These kinds of questions may vary from defendant to defendant. An attorney from our team can help guide families in understanding these details.

Let Our Sugar Land Attorneys Help You Understand the Length of a Wrongful Death Case

Living without a loved one is difficult and unfamiliar. Most families are not well versed in what might cause a delay in their case. Yet, they need to understand the length of a Sugar Land wrongful death case so they can plan and prepare for the financial hardships they may be facing. A wrongful death attorney can help families understand the elements of their specific case, how those elements may cause delays, and work with them to make decisions about their financial well-being. Reach out to Lone Star Injury Attorneys today to learn more.

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