Sugar Land Wrongful Death Case Process

When you have lost a loved one after someone else’s negligent actions or inactions, you may be entitled to compensation. A wrongful death claim is a kind of personal injury lawsuit that holds someone accountable for the death that resulted from their misconduct. The process for bringing this kind of suit can be confusing. When families are unclear on their rights, they may be tempted to accept low-ball settlements from insurance companies soon after their loved one’s death. An attorney experienced in the Sugar Land wrongful death case process can help you avoid costly missteps.

Who Can Bring a Wrongful Death Case and When?

A wrongful death case is a special kind of personal injury claim. The compensation for the loss of a loved one is more than the pain and suffering caused by grief. It can also include the financial loss of what the departed person would have contributed to the family. Because of those special elements, only certain people can bring a wrongful death case.

Only the heirs of the deceased, such as a spouse, children, or parents may sue for this loss. Texas does not allow siblings to file a case. The personal representative of the estate may bring a case when one is appointed in the will. Some circumstances may allow separated spouses or step-children to assert a wrongful death case.

Timing is also critical for the wrongful death case process in Sugar Land. Most states have a statute that limits the time in which the case can be brought. In Texas, the Statute of Limitations requires that families initiate their case in a state court within two years of the date of death. Failure to do so can bar the claim from recovery. However, some cases may need to be brought in courts other than local state courts.

Important Initial Steps Can Not be Skipped Without Potentially Costly Results

Since it is essential that the right person bring the case, there are many important initial steps that must be taken before a family can file a wrongful death case. These steps involve acquiring important legal documents, including obtaining the death certificate or other document that indicates both the date and the cause of the loved one’s death. Families may also need to examine the will to determine the executor or personal representative of the estate. They may also need to identify the eligible survivors or heirs, who will need to be notified of the lawsuit, accurately identify their losses, and potentially assist with the investigation of the cause of death. Some of the documents involved, like accident reports, eyewitness accounts, or photos, may need to be maintained and kept for future use in the case. Working with a trusted Sugar Land attorney is the best way to ensure the wrongful death case process moves forward without missing key elements.

Let Our Sugar Land Team Help Guide You Through the Wrongful Death Case Process

The Sugar Land wrongful death case process can be confusing and overwhelming. There are important details such as deadlines for filing a case, obtaining legal documents, or making sure the right people are involved that if missed can make it difficult to hold people and companies accountable for the full loss of your loved one. An attorney from our team can explain the legal process and work with you on the steps you may need to take so that you can obtain the justice you deserve. Call today.

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