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When you are involved in a truck accident, the aftermath can be devastating. Thousands of people lose their lives every year in truck accidents. This leaves behind grieving friends and family members. Those lucky to survive often face huge medical costs when seeking treatment for their injuries.

Several factors cause fatal truck accidents. They range from incompetent drivers to distracted driving. No matter the cause, the consequences can be tragic. If you or your friends have been involved in a truck accident, a Sugar Land fatal truck accident lawyer at Lone Star Injury Attorneys can help you address the complex legal aspects to determine fault.

Given the magnitude of fatal truck accidents, there are multiple claims that you can file against the driver or the party responsible. However, working with a wrongful death lawyer is the most ideal when lives are lost.

What is a Wrongful Death Claim?

When your friend or loved one loses their life in an accident, you may have the legal authority to hire a wrongful death attorney on their behalf. In this case, it is believed that their death would have been prevented if necessary safety measures were fully adhered to. You may be able to sue the driver, the freight owner, the trucking company, the manufacturer of the truck’s parts, or the person who intoxicated the driver depending on the facts of your case.

Filing a wrongful death claim in a fatal truck collision involves complex laws that the family of the deceased must undertake to receive proper compensation for their claims.

Who Can File a Wrongful Death Claim After a Fatal Truck Crash?

A wrongful death claim can be brought forward by the proper representative of the deceased person. The most common group of individuals who often file these claims are related to the deceased, although it may include non-relatives in certain circumstances. The representative may include:

  • Spouse/Partner
  • Siblings
  • Parents
  • Children
  • Any person who was dependent on the deceased

Each state is governed by a set of rules which determine the representatives of the deceased in the wrongful death lawsuit. Our fatal truck accident attorneys will help evaluate the best options available for you.

Common Causes of Death in Truck Collisions

There are numerous causes of truck accidents. Some are purely accidental while others are caused by human error. And like we mentioned earlier, not all accidents are caused by the driver. In some cases, another motorist or a third party may crash into the truck driver or even distract them by making sudden swerves or overtaking them.

Some of the major causes of fatal truck crashes include:

Trucking often involves the transport of goods over long distances. As a result, drivers are under immense pressure to meet deadlines. For this reason, some truck drivers resort to abusing drugs to stay awake. This in turn affects their sense of judgment and vision.

Other Damages in a Fatal Truck Accident

The aim of filing a claim in a personal injury lawsuit is to recover damages. As much as these damages are not a true reflection of the injuries you suffered, they go a long way in helping you get your life back on track financially. A wrongful death claim includes different categories of damages our attorneys can help you file your claim for. The damages include:

Economic Damages

Economic damages are those losses that can be easily quantified in monetary terms. They cover huge costs incurred in the deceased’s medical treatment before their death, funeral expenses, and loss of financial support.

On the same note, economic damages also cover:

  • Loss of wages
  • Loss of income earning capacity
  • Loss of inheritance
  • Loss of benefits (medical insurance & pension)

Your fatal truck accident attorney will help you acquire the necessary pieces of evidence to prove the above losses.

Non-economic Damages

Non-economic damages come into play for damages that cannot be converted into accurate or specific monetary terms. Unlike economic damages where there is proof such as medical bills, this type of damage revolves around pain & suffering, emotional distress, and Post Traumatic Disorders.

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If you were involved in a fatal truck collision, there is a high probability that it was due to someone’s negligence. To determine this, you may need the services of a highly qualified Sugar Land fatal truck accident lawyer. At Lone Star Injury Attorneys, we believe that each case is different, and for this reason, we will start from scratch to ensure that you receive the justice you deserve. To schedule your free consultation session, please reach out to us online or by calling our offices.

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