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Trucks are much heavier and bulkier compared to any other vehicle on the road. When a truck accident happens, the aftermath can be devastating for those involved. In many cases, injuries from truck crashes are more severe than those resulting from other automobile accidents. Sadly, of all motor vehicle accidents, a truck accident is the most likely to result in death. What’s even more worrying is that truck accidents can easily cause multiple fatalities involving numerous other vehicles on the road.

As noted by the National Institute of Traffic and Highway Safety, truck accident injuries will often be catastrophic. Those lucky to escape such crashes are sometimes left dealing with debilitating and permanent injuries. Many Sugar Land truck accident victims can attest to the fact that their quality of life has been greatly affected by their injuries. From the high medical bills to being dependent on others for assistance with basic life activities, many victims have lost a lot from their lives. These forms of suffering are as tragic as they are unacceptable.

The potential injuries following a Sugar Land truck accident include:

Head Injuries

Head injuries are often very critical. Any form of trauma in the head may result in traumatic brain injury (TBI). This may happen as your head gets knocked against the window, the inside of the car, or as you are ejected from the vehicle. Brain injuries are not only tied to having direct head impact. You can suffer brain damage from whiplash or sudden force experienced in the wreck.

You should also note that not all head injuries result in a loss of consciousness. Some head injury victims will suffer cognitive problems, nausea, or loss of vision without ever passing out. A brain injury may also not be recognized until you receive a neurological medical assessment. Any way you put it, head injuries are very serious and expensive to treat, as they are life-defining injuries.

Spinal Cord Injury (SCI)

Not all back injuries lead to paralysis. You can suffer from a “total” or “complete” spinal cord injury or an incomplete spine injury. A “total” spine injury occurs when you lose feeling below the point of injury. However, both complete and incomplete spinal injuries may likely result in pain. The most common effects of complete spine injuries are either quadriplegia or paraplegia. Quadriplegia is the total loss of the functioning of all limbs while paraplegia is the total impairment of two lower limbs (legs). Treating spinal cord injuries can be incredibly severe and require millions of dollars in treatment for the rest of your life.

Neck Injuries

The force that is exerted in a truck accident is often great enough to result in neck injuries. Any form of force or injury to the neck muscles, ligaments, or joints is enough to put your health at risk. Whiplash injuries are very common in truck accidents and may lead to longer-lasting impairments if left untreated.


Many trucks in the area transport hazardous materials such as petroleum across the state. In the event of an accident, a fire could ignite. These fires can further injure those involved in the accident, causing severe burns. Burns are among the most painful to experience and often leave the victims at risk of infection and organ damage. If the victim survives, burns can result in permanent physical disfigurement, leaving significant bodily scarring.

Bone Fractures

Any automobile accidents can lead to broken bones. Similarly, many trucking wrecks result in broken arms, broken legs, rib fractures, and more. Some drivers break the bones in their foot from having their foot on the brake during impact. These fractures leave the victim at the mercy of orthopedic doctors, physical therapy, and time. While treatment may help, some injuries may take longer to heal and may even lead to permanent impairment.

Internal Organ Damage

Not all truck accidents in the area result in external injuries. You may be fortunate to escape with no physical injuries, but you may still be suffering from internal body organ injuries. These require extensive medical evaluation to determine the severity of damage and the proper course of treatment. For example, your liver, spleen, kidneys, and stomach may be injured by the impact.

What Should I do after I am Injured in a Truck Accident in Sugar Land?

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If you have been a victim of a truck accident in Sugar Land, your priority should be seeking proper medical attention. If you feel any pain or slow neurological issues, it’s advisable to get checked out by an emergency room physician to rule out any more serious injuries. If you have more questions related to your truck accident, call us today to schedule a free consultation for your case.