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According to the American Burn Association, nearly 400,000 individuals visit the emergency room every year due to burns, and around 4,000 of them die because of the severity of their injuries. Burn victims, who often suffer from explosions and fire accidents, often endure more than just physical harm. Many experience psychological trauma, such as post-traumatic stress disorder, which can negatively affect their daily lives if not addressed. The impact of these mental effects can be detrimental to the victim, from lost wages to large medical bills, physical pain, and emotional suffering. Despite the challenges, burn injury victims are legally protected if their injuries are caused by someone else’s negligence. In such cases, they may file a claim with the assistance of a Sugar Land burn injury lawyer. As with any injury accident, the insurance adjuster of the party at fault may attempt to avoid providing a fair compensation for your injuries. Often, they may present you with an initial offer that appears to be reasonable, but many Sugar Land burn injury lawyers warn that many of these offers are presented in bad faith. The first offer is often used to test how well you understand the value of your injuries. If you accept such an offer, you waive your right to pursue further compensation for your injuries. Therefore, we strongly advise against engaging in any talks with the insurance company without the help of a Sugar Land burn injury lawyer.

Types of Burns in Sugar Land Burn Injury Accidents

Burns can vary in type and degree depending on the severity of the burn injury. There are three degrees of burns that a victim may suffer, which is dependent on the duration of exposure to fire or the temperature of the fire. In some cases, victims may also sustain internal organ damage. These types of burns are categorized as either first degree, second degree, or third degree burns. Additionally, they may be referred to as partial thickness or full thickness burns.

First Degree Burns

Also known as partial thickness burns, first degree burns are usually characterized by red, non-blistered skin or slight swelling. Given their nature, victims may be able to carry out basic first aid at home, as these burns normally heal in a few days. However, in some cases, the burns can become infected and require more serious medical treatment. The most widely accepted way of treating a first degree burn is by running cool water over the affected area and applying burn ointment to the skin.

Second Degree Burns

Second degree burns are also referred to as partial thickness burns. In this type of burn, the first layer of skin becomes partially damaged and is often accompanied by blisters that burst and wet the skin. If the burn is not too severe, a victim can treat it at home similarly to a first degree burn. However, it is important to wrap the affected area with a clean piece of cloth, bandage or gauze to prevent infection.

Third Degree Burns

This is the most severe type of burn. Third degree burns leave all layers of the skin damaged and may even affect major body organs, bones, and nerves. In some cases, the victim loses the sensation of pain as the nerves have been burned off. These full thickness burns can be distinguished from the other two types by their appearance: the victim’s skin will be thick, black, leathery, and bumpy. Due to their severity, third degree burns cannot be treated at home and must be treated by a medical professional

Who Is Liable for My Sugar Land Burn Injuries?

Your Sugar Land burn injury lawyer will collaborate with investigative authorities to determine the cause of your injuries. According to a report by the Centers for Disease Control, at least 45% of burns are caused by fires or open flames, many of which could have been prevented. It is therefore the responsibility of individuals, employers, and businesses to observe high safety standards to prevent fires. If your Sugar Land burn injury lawyer accepts your case, they will investigate the cause of your burns, which may include:
  • Chemical burns
  • Defective products
  • Electrical faults
  • Car accidents
  • Natural gas accidents
  • Explosions
  • Motorcycle accidents
Based on the above causes, your Sugar Land burn injury lawyer will identify the party responsible for your burns and help you file a formal claim for your damages.

What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Sugar Land Burn Injury Lawyer?

While it is possible to file a claim and receive compensation for burn injuries without a Sugar Land burn injury lawyer, having legal representation can significantly increase the value of your case. A skilled and experienced burn injury lawyer will effectively present your pain and suffering to the negligent party’s representative, maximizing the amount of compensation you receive. At Lone Star Injury Attorneys, our burn injury lawyers have extensive legal expertise and will ensure that your case is taken seriously. We understand that the initial offer made by insurance companies may not adequately cover your damages, and we will fight for your rights to ensure that you receive fair and just compensation. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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