Blind-Spot Truck Accidents in Sugar Land

When changing lanes or turning, drivers should always check their blind-spots. This is especially important for drivers of large commercial trucks. Tractor trailers and other trucks have larger blind-spots than the average vehicle. As a result, blind-spot truck accidents in Sugar Land are incredibly common.

When you are hurt in a truck accident because the driver did not see you in their blind-spot, an experienced tractor-trailer collision attorney can help. Our clients often come to us concerned about the cost of their medical care, struggling to make ends meet during their recovery. A successful personal injury lawsuit can reimburse you for the cost of your medical treatment, lost income, and other losses related to the accident. We can help you hold careless truckers and companies liable for their negligence. Discuss your right to financial compensation with one of our seasoned personal injury lawyers today.

Dangers of Blind-Spot Crashes

While any collision involving a truck can be devastating, blind-spot truck collisions in Sugar Land tend to be the most serious. During a crash, the trucker has less time to react if they fail to see the other vehicle in a blind-spot. When these accidents happen at high speeds, injuries can be catastrophic or even fatal.

Since trucks and other commercial vehicles are much larger than the average car, the drivers cannot always see other vehicles, people, or objects that might be in their way. For commercial trucks, blind-spots extend twenty feet in front of the vehicle and thirty feet behind. As a result, it is very difficult for truckers to see other cars and potential hazards in the road.

Fault for Blind-Spot Truck Accidents

In blind-spot 18-wheeler crash cases, the trucker is usually at fault. Truck drivers are obligated to check their blind-spots and drive safely. When someone else is injured due to a trucker’s negligence, they can recover compensation through a personal injury lawsuit.

Examples of trucker negligence that commonly cause blind-spot wrecks include:

  • Driver fatigue
  • Distracted driving
  • Inadequate training
  • Alcohol or drug use
  • Failure to adjust mirrors
  • Improperly installed mirrors or safety gear

In some blind-spot truck accident cases, the trucking company shares liability. For example, perhaps the company hired a driver with a history of accidents or improper qualifications. Alternatively, sometimes companies overlook safety features that could prevent a blind-spot collision. If the employer did not act reasonably and the trucker was acting within the scope of their employment, the injured person can also sue the company for damages.

When someone who was hurt in a semi-truck accident can prove the truck driver or their employer was negligent, they can recover the cost of their medical care, lost wages and earning potential, pain and suffering, and emotional distress. Consult a qualified attorney when considering legal action after a blind-spot tractor-trailer accident in Sugar Land.

Reach Out for Help Recovering From Blind-Spot Truck Crashes in Sugar Land

When you have questions about injuries sustained in blind-spot truck accidents in Sugar Land, contact a trusted lawyer. Whether you want to pursue legal action or simply discuss your options for compensation, Lone Star Injury Attorneys can help. When you hire us to represent you, we can investigate the cause of the accident and obtain evidence to support your claim of negligence.

Many truck accident cases settle, but accepting the offer is not always in the client’s best interest. We can review a settlement offer from the truck driver’s insurance to ensure it fully compensates you for your injuries. Schedule a consultation with us today to discuss your case.

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