Mistakes to Avoid in a Sugar Land Truck Accident

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Every year, the United States reports at least five million road accidents, a significant proportion of which involve large trucks. According to the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety, at least 4,000 people were killed in truck-related accidents in 2021. These accidents lead to the loss of thousands of lives annually, and leave hundreds of thousands more suffering from lasting injuries. Tragically, these figures show an upward trend each year. Victims of truck accidents in Sugar Land can seek compensation for their damages by lodging formal claims against the trucking companies they believe are responsible.

However, the process of filing a truck accident lawsuit in Sugar Land is often complex. You’re required not only to demonstrate that another party was at fault for the accident but also to establish a direct correlation between the truck accident and the injuries you sustained. For instance, if you have a head injury, it’s essential to provide clear evidence that this injury was not pre-existing or linked to another cause, but a direct result of the accident. This evidence can come in the form of medical reports and testimonies from medical experts. Despite providing sufficient proof, the process remains challenging. Many insurance companies will fiercely contest your claim, and even a minor error could put your case in jeopardy. These mistakes can lead to inadequate compensation or, in some instances, a complete denial of any compensation.

Below are some common mistakes to avoid, helping you to safeguard your right to compensation following a truck accident in Sugar Land:

Neglecting to Obtain a Police Report for the Truck Accident

Many motorists believe that contacting law enforcement is only necessary in the event of fatalities or serious injuries resulting from an accident. However, this commonly held belief is misguided. Regardless of the extent of damages or injuries, the police should always be informed about an accident. Failure to call the police could turn out to be a significant oversight, especially when you’re confident that you were not at fault for the accident.

Even in situations where you share some blame for a truck accident, a police report could help attribute a portion of the fault to the truck driver. The police report plays a pivotal role when you pursue compensation. Although it’s not the sole determining factor, it aids the jury in ascertaining which party was responsible and to what extent. Additionally, the report serves as evidence confirming the occurrence of a truck accident in Sugar Land and identifying the parties involved. Consequently, it is imperative that you notify the police after an accident, regardless of whether injuries were sustained or not.

Neglecting to Seek Immediate Medical Care

Not all truck accidents manifest immediate physical injuries. In certain cases, you might sustain injuries that do not cause instant discomfort, such as fractures that initially seem painless or muscle strains and sprains that might take days to become apparent. Some injuries aren’t immediately noticeable and necessitate specialized medical care to assess their severity. Should you fail to secure immediate medical attention, the insurance company or the defendant might later argue that these injuries are unrelated to the accident.

Should you feel discomfort or a sense of being ‘off’ following a truck collision, it’s crucial to consult a medical professional promptly to rule out any serious injuries.

Overlooking Follow-up Medical Care

Obtaining immediate medical attention and maintaining follow-up care are two crucial, yet distinct aspects of post-accident treatment. While you might seek immediate medical care for injuries from the crash, neglecting follow-up treatments could have significant repercussions on your case. If you fail to adhere to your doctor’s recommendations, the defendant might downplay the seriousness of your injuries or argue that you could have minimized them, thus diminishing the value of your claim. This mistake often occurs when truck accident victims neglect follow-up visits when symptoms persist. If you’re not fully recovered, you need a doctor’s confirmation that your condition won’t improve with additional treatment.

Interacting Directly with the Insurance Adjuster

Following the truck collision, you might receive a call from an insurance adjuster with an initial settlement offer. While this proposition might seem fair to you, the reality is that it often falls short of what you truly deserve. Without legal representation, you risk being persuaded into accepting a settlement that undervalues your case. Additionally, you should never provide a recorded statement to the adjuster regarding the truck accident, as this could potentially be used against you.

Failing to Collect Contact Information

Gathering the contact details of the truck driver and all parties involved in the accident is as crucial as initiating the lawsuit itself. Filing a claim without knowing whom it’s against is impossible. In this regard, neglecting to obtain the names of the truck driver, their trucking company, and insurance details can hinder your future attempts at lodging a legitimate truck accident claim.

Neglecting to Preserve Evidence from the Truck Accident

All civil litigation cases hinge on the plaintiff’s capacity to demonstrate that the defendant was liable for the truck accident. Failure to note or preserve critical information related to the truck accident could undermine your likelihood of succeeding in your lawsuit. Whenever possible, take photographs of the scene and the vehicle property damage, engage with witnesses, and secure their contact details.

Choosing Not to Hire a Truck Accident Attorney

The party alleged to be negligent will undoubtedly employ lawyers to challenge your allegations in court. Given their financial capability to defend the lawsuit, representing yourself could place you at a significant disadvantage. Legal services from a qualified truck accident attorney can greatly simplify the process for you and enhance your chances of a successful outcome. Moreover, having legal representation lends added credibility to your case from the defendant’s perspective, thereby boosting your odds of receiving fair compensation for your damages.

Call an Attorney to Learn About the Mistakes to Avoid in a Sugar Land Truck Accident


If you have made any of the above mistakes, you should not give up on your quest for compensation. Do not despair in following up with your case and holding the truck driver responsible for the accident. At Lone Star Injury Attorneys, we help such victims of truck accidents receive full justice, even after they’ve made some mistakes. Call our office today and schedule a free consultation with our legal professionals to give you the best options available to you.

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