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Any type of death is always very traumatizing and painful to comprehend. The absence of a loved one affects the surviving family members in unimaginable ways. And while death is often a natural occurrence, there are some which stem from the negligence of another party. Learning that someone you love was killed in an accident or due to the negligence of a third party can be emotionally draining. The grieving process becomes longer and painful than is the case with normal deaths.

If your loved one or someone you know was killed and you strongly believe that there was foul play, you should speak with our compassionate Pasadena wrongful death lawyers. We are dedicated to helping surviving family members like you get the justice rightfully deserved by the deceased. While no settlement can undo the damages already suffered, the compensation you receive will surely help you move on. Call today to schedule a meeting with a caring personal injury attorney from our firm.

What is a Wrongful Death Claim?

A wrongful death occurs when someone dies due to the direct or indirect negligence of another party. In other words, if the duty of care is breached, and someone loses their life in the process, wrongful death is deemed to have occurred. Long ago, wrongful death was not punishable in the United States. Perpetrators of these acts would walk away scot-free. But thanks to state and federal rules such as the Texas Statutes Section 71.001, anyone found culpable for the untimely death of another person can face civil or criminal charges.

In a civil proceeding, your Pasadena wrongful death attorney’s main objective will be to recover a settlement for damages suffered. Under a criminal charge, the party at fault will be punished for their wrongdoing by facing a jail term.

Wrongful Death is Different from Personal Injury

Filing a wrongful death claim is never part of the plan for many families. In fact, not everyone is aware that they can seek monetary compensation for the death of their loved one. And for those who do, they often face a lot of stigma and accusations from different quarters since this is viewed as trading the life of their loved one for money. Contrary to this popular belief, there is absolutely nothing wrong with seeking damages for wrongful death. In any case, the Texas legal system assumes that the deceased would have filed a claim if they were alive.

This type of claim is very different from a personal injury lawsuit. In the latter, the injured party has direct authority on the course that the settlement process takes. He or she can even self-litigate, but in a wrongful death case, the surviving family members or any other legally appointed party takes the lead. Normally, a trustee is appointed to oversee the process.

The most important step when filing a wrongful death claim is establishing negligence and determining fault. For this reason, we always recommend that such matters be handled by a professional. Our Pasadena wrongful death attorneys have deep networks with expert witnesses and investigation agencies who help us understand the full extent of your losses. On top of that, experts such as accident reconstructionists recreate the events leading to the death, painting a clear picture of what transpired.

Who Can File a Wrongful Death Claim?

Not everyone can file a wrongful death claim for compensation. That’s why you should speak with our Pasadena wrongful death attorneys on your suitability before engaging the insurance company or going to court. Generally, any of the following parties can file the lawsuit:

  • Parents of a deceased child
  • Spouses of the deceased
  • Children of the deceased
  • Parties financially dependent on the deceased
  • Adopted children
  • Immediate family members

Even before you decide to seek legal redress on your claim, you must, first of all, understand how your loved one lost their life. There are many situations in which one can lose their life such as:

These are just a few examples of the scenarios in which a wrongful death may occur. If your loved one was killed in any other type of accident, you may still be entitled to compensation.

Talk to a Pasadena Wrongful Death Attorney Today

It’s okay to feel stressed, angry, lost, and depressed after someone you love loses their life. This is where our compassionate Pasadena wrongful death lawyers come in. We help you grieve and spend ample time with your family without worrying about the compensation process. We are happy to listen to you and answer any questions you may have. Call our firm today to get started.

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