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Bus accidents are common in Texas. Even with numerous state and federal regulations in place to govern the operations of public transit and school buses, these accidents still occur. No matter how careful one is, a miscalculation from the driver or another motorist can result in grave harm. Most of the time, the liability falls on the bus driver, but the bus company, bus owner, bus manufacturer, or other road users could also be blameworthy. Owing to their huge size and number of passengers they usually carry, bus accidents can be catastrophic.

In case you are injured in this type of road crash, you should have an idea of the steps you need to take to undertake the settlement process. Our Pasadena bus accident lawyers are dedicated to helping you get the settlement you are legally entitled to. Insurance companies often downplay claims made against them, and it’s in your best interests that you let a professional handle your claims. In any case, you are no match for the expert legal teams that insurance companies retain for this sole purpose. Reach out to a skilled personal injury attorney to begin reviewing the details of your incident.

When to Retain a Bus Accident Attorney

You are under no legal obligation to retain an attorney for your case when you can self-litigate. But certain scenarios make it almost mandatory for you to hire a seasoned personal injury lawyer. Either way, you stand losing out on a lot of money that would otherwise help you move on with life seamlessly.

Some of the circumstances that necessitate a Pasadena bus accident attorney include:

When Your Injuries are Severe

Before you even think of being compensated for your injuries, you must ensure that they warrant medical attention. Minor injuries such as cuts and bruises can be treated at home without necessarily getting medical care. But if you suffer broken bones, injuries to the spine, head injuries, or any other serious harm, you need immediate and intensive medical attention. This is often very expensive, and it’s here that you need an experienced attorney to mount an aggressive case for compensation.

When Fault is Contested

Texas has a comparative fault-based legal system for personal injury cases. It’s up to you to prove that someone else was responsible for your injuries. Unfortunately, the fault is not proven by word of mouth only, you need tangible proof. But given that you may already be incapacitated to collect and preserve this proof, your case will be in jeopardy.

It would be unfair to lose your deserved compensation just because you were recuperating in hospital or attending to some other important needs. With our attorneys, you no longer have to worry about cross-examining witnesses, collecting and preserving pieces of evidence, investigating your accident, attending court sessions, or proving fault. We will do this on your behalf for free until we get the compensation you are entitled to.

When the Accident Involves a Government-Owned Vehicle

If your injuries resulted from a crash involving a state-owned bus, the rules change. Suing a government entity presents a new set of rules and regulations that are challenging for injured parties. Additionally, there are certain government entities exempted from facing civil or criminal charges for harm caused. For these reasons, you need an experienced highly credentialed attorney to pursue your claims.

Liability in a Bus Wreck Case

As mentioned earlier, Texas injury claims are determined based on negligence. Your attorney must prove that:

  • There existed a reasonable duty of care
  • The duty of care was breached
  • The breach caused you physical harm
  • You suffered economic and non-economic damages

Depending on how your accident occurs, the following parties are likely to be at fault:

  • Bus owner for poor maintenance
  • Bus company for negligent hiring
  • Bus manufacturer for defective parts
  • School management for negligent hiring and poor maintenance
  • Road construction companies for poor designs
  • Other road users for negligence

In-depth investigations into how your accident occurred are crucial to a successful process. Hiring a Pasadena attorney ensures that your bus crash case has the professional outlook it requires to sail through any legal hurdles.

Let a Pasadena Bus Accident Attorney Help You Recover Compensation for Your Losses

Our Pasadena bus accident lawyers understand how traumatizing and demanding the aftermath of an accident is. We will help clear the confusion and stress by seeking compensation on your behalf for lost wages, loss of income-earning ability, permanent disability, loss of quality of life, pain and suffering, and more.

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