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For years, numerous Pasadena residents have favored cycling as their primary mode of short-distance transportation. The number of cyclists has surged, tripling amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, which has left many people unemployed. To stave off boredom and maintain physical activity, more people have turned to cycling as a recreational activity for fitness. Others have done so to decrease transportation costs and trim their expenses. Unfortunately, each journey doesn’t always conclude joyfully. Accidents occur, leaving victims with severe, sometimes permanent injuries, and in extreme cases, resulting in fatalities.

Any seasoned bicycle accident lawyer can attest to the significant risks associated with cycling. According to the Centers for Disease Control, an estimated 467,000 bicycle accidents are reported each year in the United States. Among these incidents, over 800 result in deaths, inflicting immeasurable emotional distress and damage upon their families. In total, these accidents lead to a loss of productivity and lifetime medical treatment costs amounting to at least $10 billion.

Regrettably, urban areas, burdened by heavy car traffic congestion, account for 71% of bicycle accidents. Despite the use of appropriate safety gear, cyclists often stand no chance against motorists. If you have suffered severe injuries or lost a loved one in a similar crash, you may be eligible to file a personal injury claim for compensation. At Lone Star Injury Attorneys, we firmly believe that you shouldn’t face the aftermath of an accident alone, particularly when someone else is at fault. Our Pasadena bicycle accident lawyers strive to identify the root cause of your injuries and hold the responsible party accountable, securing maximum compensation for you.

Primary Causes of Bicycle Accidents in Pasadena

It’s an unfortunate reality that many motorists harbor a misconception that bicyclists don’t belong on our roads. These motorists frequently infringe on cyclists’ rights, resulting in serious injuries and, at times, fatalities. Moreover, because not many victims possess the resources to bring civil charges against the liable parties, these acts of negligence often go unpunished. As compassionate and committed Pasadena lawyers, we direct our expertise and financial resources towards your bicycle accident case through our contingency fee arrangement – in essence, we don’t get paid unless we secure compensation for you.

While 90% of bicycle accidents are caused by negligent drivers, other scenarios also significantly contribute to these incidents. These include:

  • Poorly maintained roadways
  • Defective bicycle parts
  • Collisions with other road users, such as pedestrians
  • Collisions with debris or objects on the road
  • Falling off the bike due to a sudden loss of balance
  • Falling off the bike due to animal or dog attacks

Even though these causes may seem distinct, the common thread is that nearly all of them originate from negligence. For instance, if a poorly maintained or constructed road results in an accident, the construction company responsible for its upkeep can be sued. Alternatively, if a defective bicycle part leads to an accident in which you’re seriously injured, an attorney may assist you in filing a product liability claim against the manufacturer, retailer, or distributor.


Determining Liability in Personal Injury Cases

Liability in any personal injury case largely depends on the specific circumstances leading to the accident. This underscores the importance of retaining a knowledgeable Pasadena bicycle accident lawyer. Possible parties from whom you may recover damages include:

  • Negligent drivers
  • Bicycle repair shops due to negligent repairs
  • Bicycle manufacturers due to defective parts
  • State agencies due to poor road conditions
  • Construction companies due to poor road designs
  • Property and premises owners due to unsafe conditions

An experienced attorney recognizes the value of involving experts when reviewing and substantiating your cycling injury case. Our Pasadena bicycle accident lawyers have an extensive network of experts, from accident reconstructionists to life care planners. With us, you can have peace of mind knowing that your case is in the hands of committed professionals.

How Does Contributory Negligence Affect My Claim?

In certain situations, injured victims may also bear some responsibility for the accident in which they were injured. It’s essential to understand how your contributory negligence influences your claim before seeking compensation. In Texas, if you were 50% or more at fault for the accident, you might not qualify for compensation.

Our Pasadena Bicycle Accident Attorneys Are Here to Help

A bicycle accident may seem minor, and you may hope that injuries will heal naturally. However, contrary to this perception, many accidents are serious and can result in permanent injuries or even death. If you have suffered harm in similar circumstances and believe that another party’s negligence caused it, our Pasadena bicycle accident lawyers are ready to assist. Contact us today to learn more about bicycle accident lawsuits.

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