Common Causes of Truck Accidents in Missouri City

We have all witnessed different types of trucks cruise on Texas highways. From tankers, dump trucks, flatbed trucks, fire trucks, crane trucks, cement trucks, commercial trucks, and more. They are large looming vehicles that can’t go unnoticed. Oftentimes, their presence on the road sends fear and jitters among other road users especially pedestrians and drivers of smaller passenger vehicles. The various forces that come into play when a truck is moving usually put the safety of other road users at great risk.

Although the trucking industry is heavily regulated, truck crashes are still common. Truck-related crashes are often catastrophic, causing long-lasting injuries and deaths. Unfortunately, the most common causes of truck accidents in Missouri City stem from negligence.

When different parties fail to maintain their duty of care by adhering to federal and state trucking regulations, these accidents become inevitable. If you were injured in a truck accident, reach out to our talented team of attorneys for legal guidance.

Driver Negligence

Drivers are the first line of defense when it comes to the safe operation of trucks and other vehicles. Their behaviors and decisions while behind the wheel have a direct impact on their safety and the well-being of other motorists and road users. Unfortunately, many auto wrecks are caused by driver error. Behaviors such as distracted driving, speeding, drunk driving, aggressive driving, and driver fatigue are just some of the common causes of truck accidents in Missouri City attributed to driver negligence.

Poor Vehicle Maintenance

When truck drivers complete their trips, they usually fill out reports regarding the mechanical state of their vehicles. Trucking companies and truck owners are expected to review them and carry out the necessary repairs and maintenance. But to protect their pockets and cut maintenance costs, some companies fail to maintain their fleet. As a result, catastrophic defects such as faulty braking and steering systems end up causing tragic accidents. Experts such as engineers and accident reconstructionists may help establish whether a truck was at its optimal functioning before the crash.

Improper Cargo Loading

Most trucks on Texas roads are cargo carriers. Unlike other vehicles, they present unique risks, especially when the cargo is not properly secured or loaded. For example, a poorly balanced truck may jackknife at the slightest change in gravity, more so when bending a corner or breaking too soon. Liability for cargo-related accidents usually falls on loading companies and may take the help of expert witnesses to determine negligence.

Inclement Weather

Sometimes, truck collision causes in Missouri City are beyond anyone’s control when they involve inclement weather. Bad weather conditions such as fog, mist, rain, ice, and strong winds may contribute to a crash. For instance, the driver’s visibility may be limited in heavy fog or rainfall. However, the fault may be established on individual drivers and trucking companies when negligence on their part contributes to a crash, even in such conditions. For example, a truck operator who does not adjust to prevailing weather conditions may be held liable for damages that follow a foreseen accident. This is usually true for crashes resulting from speeding and distracted driving in bad weather.

Poor Working Conditions

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) imposes stringent measures on the operation of trucks. These regulations require trucking companies to employ favorable working conditions for their employees, especially truck drivers. For instance, the hours-of-service rules stipulate how long a driver should be on the road, and when breaks are necessary. Statistics show that drivers who operate these vehicles for long distances without rest have poor concentration and judgment due to fatigue. Unfortunately, many trucking companies violate these rules to put their operations at full throttle, thus maximizing their profits.

Discuss the Cause of Your Truck Accident Case with a Missouri City Attorney

Truck accident cases are unique and call for professional handling. Unlike normal auto collisions, navigating the numerous rules and regulations surrounding the trucking industry requires decades of experience and unmatched legal knowledge. Nevertheless, you can still find justice and compensation for your losses by working with a seasoned attorney. Since many truck accidents in Missouri City are caused by human error, someone may be held financially accountable for your losses. Take the first step today and contact our team to discuss your case.

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