What to Do Following a Truck Accident in Missouri City

Accidents happen every day, but when they involve commercial trucks, the experience can be incredibly frightening. With confusion and emotions running high, you may not know what to do at the scene and in the days following a crash. The actions and steps you take after a truck accident can impact your well-being and legal rights. Understanding this will be crucial to helping you make the right steps.

At Lone Star Injury Attorneys, we understand how difficult it can be to find yourself in a crash. While you may take necessary precautions and adhere to traffic laws, it only takes the negligent behavior of another party for a devastating accident to occur. As such, you must know what to do after a truck accident in Missouri City to protect your right to compensation.

Remain at the Scene

It is a natural instinct to run away from harm. The fight-or-flight response is very common in traffic accidents. However, fleeing an accident scene is not something you want to do. Texas laws require that anyone involved in an accident remains at the scene and offers any help that would be deemed necessary. It is therefore illegal to leave an accident scene where someone is injured or killed. Fleeing an accident scene may bring an additional host of problems. For example, it may be assumed that you were at fault for the accident even when that is not true. In order to avoid this, you should remain at the scene following a truck accident in Missouri City.

Call 911

All crashes must be reported to the nearest police department. Calling 911 is the easiest way to report a crash. The police will help clear the scene or cordon it off to prevent further accidents. An investigation officer will look into the circumstances of the accident and prepare a final report that seeks to establish crucial aspects such as liability. Hence, you should retain a copy and avail it to your attorney. Police reports are some of the documents you will need when pursuing compensation for your injuries and losses.

Seek Medical Treatment

Due to their size and weight, auto wrecks involving trucks usually cause catastrophic injuries. If you or your loved one suffered serious injuries in a Missouri City truck accident, seeking immediate medical treatment afterward is vital. The importance of a thorough medical evaluation stretches beyond treatment for your injuries. When pursuing compensation, you will need tangible proof to support your claim. Medical records and doctor’s testimonials may be the game-changer, especially in scenarios where causation is contested by insurance companies.

Exchange Information

Since multiple parties are involved in truck accidents, you must exchange information with the parties at the scene. For instance, you should collect information such as the names, addresses, contact details, and insurance information of the other truck driver. You should also note down information about their employer. It is also a great idea to record the truck model, as well as the license plates. These pieces of information are crucial in building a solid case in regard to fault and damages.

Collect Evidence

Before leaving the scene of a Missouri City truck wreck, ensure that you take photos and videos of your injuries if possible, the vehicles involved, and any other evidence you deem vital. Photographic evidence is crucial since it preserves the scene even when it’s altered or cleared. You should also be on the lookout for other pieces of evidence that may help with discovering the fault. For example, if you suspect the truck driver was drunk, you may look for bottles of beer or alcohol and preserve them.

Contact an Attorney

Consulting with a seasoned attorney is highly recommended. Truck accident lawsuits are usually difficult to pursue, and without a skilled legal team, you may not achieve your rightful compensation. An experienced attorney will review your case and determine whether you are eligible for compensation. If so, they will also determine the best legal option and spearhead the entire process on your behalf

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Understanding what to do after a truck accident in Missouri City sounds easy on paper. In reality, many people make serious mistakes in the days following a crash. If you missed a step, or think you made a mistake, it’s not too late to make things right. Our award-winning attorneys are happy to help you get back on track. Call us today to discuss your case.

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