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Tanker trucks are a common sight on Texas interstate highways. They offer a safer means of transporting hazardous materials like gasses and gasoline from one region to another. Others ferry non-hazardous goods such as milk, water, and other products. Nonetheless, danger occasionally lurks, when key players in the trucking industry fail to observe caution. In the end, innocent persons find themselves on the receiving end of these accidents.tanker truck driving on the road

If you were a victim of negligence in similar circumstances, speaking with our Fort Bend County tanker truck accident lawyer should be a priority. You may qualify for compensation, and the only way to establish whether you do is by investigating your case. Our firm’s tanker truck accident attorneys firmly believe that you should not suffer alone while the responsible party walks away easily. We hold them financially accountable for your injuries and losses.

How are Tanker Trucks Different from Other Commercial Trucks?

Tanker trucks are not your ordinary commercial vehicles. They are used to haul hazardous liquids and materials. You can easily tell a tanker truck from its cylindrical tank that can be pressurized, insulated, or vacuum-sealed. This is usually dependent on the type of material they are carrying.

As expected, tanker trucks are more dangerous compared to other vehicles on the road. They required careful handling since their content may spill, causing hazards to other motorists and road users. Apart from the risks associated with injuries such as broken bones, spine, and traumatic brain injuries, there is the likelihood of fire ignition, more so if hauling flammable materials. Burn injuries can be catastrophic, causing permanent scars or death.

Why Tanker Truck Accidents Occur

As mentioned earlier, operating a tanker truck requires expert driver training. It does not end there. Each party involved must ensure that the basic standards of care are met. This means maintaining the duty of care and ensuring that their actions do not pose harm to themselves or other motorists. Even with popular traffic regulations and safety campaigns, these accidents continue to occur on Texas roads. Our Fort Bend County truck accident lawyers handle cases involving:

Driver Negligence

Unfortunately, the Texas Department of Transportation attributes most auto wrecks to driver negligence. Failure to observe traffic laws is the number one cause of traffic accidents among drivers. Tanker truck drivers may pose a threat to the general public’s safety by speeding, unsafe lane changes, tailgating, aggressive driving, drunk driving, driver fatigue, and distracted driving.

Improper Cargo Loading

Freight companies have a specific responsibility of ensuring that cargo is loaded correctly. Due to the fact that some of the materials ferried by tanker trucks are hazardous, there must be strict adherence to laws regarding their mode of storage. Improper loading shifts the truck’s center of gravity, causing instability that makes them prone to accidents.

Vehicle Malfunctions

Tanker trucks are not immune to malfunctions. It could be a defective part or system such as tires and braking systems. The malfunctions may originate from the manufacturer, assembler, or distributor. In this case, your Fort Bend County tanker truck accident may retain engineers and accident reconstruction experts to look into the vehicle’s designs and systems.

Poor Driver Training

A well-maintained tanker truck does not guarantee safety if the truck driver is incompetent and poorly trained. Owing to their size, weight, and the dangerous goods they carry, these trucks require competent driving. A driver who fails to meet the threshold needed to operate them safely may cause a fatal crash. Trucking companies and truck owners may be held responsible for these accidents.

How Our Fort Bend Tanker Truck Accident Attorneys May Help

If you suffered considerable harm in a tanker truck accident, you are incapable of waging a legal battle against resourceful trucking companies on your own. You need a qualified Fort Bend County tanker truck accident lawyer to help you:

  • Investigate your case and establish all parties likely to bear liability
  • Gather evidence to back your claim
  • Negotiate a fair settlement with insurance companies
  • Prepare your case for a court process if negotiations fail
  • Retain expert witnesses

You should not worry about retaining an attorney because you lack the finances to cover legal fees. We only collect legal fees through our contingency fee policy if you are compensated. Therefore, upfront fees or hidden charges should be less of a concern. Our diverse Fort Bend County tanker truck accident lawyers have what it takes to get you the compensation you deserve. Schedule a free consultation with us today.

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