What to Do After a Truck Accident in Fort Bend County

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The most common feeling immediately after a commercial truck accident is shock. This is often overtaken by the question of what your next step should be. If you are not careful, the aftermath of your crash can be stressful. That’s why you must keep yourself in the loop regarding what to do after a truck accident in Fort Bend County.

Texas laws allow you to pursue monetary compensation for your losses, hence, the success of your claim is largely dependent on what you do after the crash. Some victims who speak with our lawyers at Lone Star Injury Attorneys about their cases only learn these steps when it’s too late. Most of them say they were not aware of what they ought to do. Fortunately, you have the opportunity to get yourself prepared in case you get involved in a semi accident anywhere in the Texas area.

Here is what to do after a truck collision in Fort Bend County:

Remain at the Scene and Call 911

Persons involved in a serious crash are under a legal obligation to stop and remain at the scene. Fleeing is a criminal offense punishable by Texas laws. Even if you are not seriously injured, always remain at the scene and call 911. If someone is critically injured, you may also request them to send an ambulance. Generally, the work of the police will be to ensure the safety of other motorists and road users by clearing the scene. Most importantly, they will undertake independent investigations into the crash to determine the probable cause and whether someone may have been at fault.

Get Medical Attention

Although all accidents are likely to cause serious harm, commercial trucks’ sheer size and weight make their collisions catastrophic when they involve smaller vehicles. Therefore, it’s vital that you seek immediate medical attention following an accident involving a truck in Fort Bend County. Since some injuries may not be immediately apparent, you need a thorough evaluation if you feel something is wrong. If placed under treatment, please ensure that you follow up with your doctor’s plan to the letter and keep all medical records related to your injuries.

Exchange Information & Gather Evidence

Texas laws require drivers and other parties involved in an accident to stop and render necessary assistance to injured persons. This stretches to exchanging important information such as their insurance coverage, names, addresses, registration plates, and details about their employer. Recording such information makes the compensation process easier since you know where to find these parties. If you can, collect pieces of evidence from the scene even as you wait for your attorney and the police to arrive.

Talk to Eyewitnesses

Eyewitnesses are an integral part of any court process. Their account of events as they transpired can make a huge difference in your case. Their testimonials can be presented in court during trial, and as such, you should take it upon yourself to speak with them before leaving the scene. For easier communication, note down their names and addresses as well as their side of the story. With this information, you can easily track them down when need be.

Contact an Attorney

Dealing with the aftermath of a devastating 18-wheeler accident in Fort Bend County can be traumatizing. If you wish to pursue compensation, there are different state and federal trucking laws that you must understand. Unfortunately, you don’t have the benefit of time to learn them, and even if you do, knowing how to apply them can be stressful. The greatest asset you can have at this time is an experienced Fort Bend County truck crash attorney. With their experience, you stand to gain so much, including:

  • Aggressive representation during trial
  • Tough negotiations with insurance companies
  • Thorough investigations into your case and recovery of evidence
  • Determination of fault
  • Retaining of expert witnesses

The good thing about most lawyers is that you don’t need to pay upfront fees to get your case started. Your Fort Bend County semi-crash lawyer takes up your case for free through the contingency fee policy, and you only pay attorneys’ fees if they recover compensation for you. It’s a win-win arrangement.

Were You Hurt in a Fort Bend County Truck Collision? Our Attorneys May Help

If are unsure of what to do after a truck accident in Fort Bend County, our lawyers are here to help. We understand the complex journey that the aftermath of a catastrophic accident is and are ready to help you get back on your feet. To help us serve you better, please contact us to schedule a FREE case evaluation session today.

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