Injuries Following a Fort Bend County Truck Accident

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Texas enjoys state-of-the-art transport infrastructure, making its highways among the busiest in the United States. There are all sorts of vehicles, including greyhound buses, tour vans, passenger vehicles, and commercial trucks. Pedestrians, cyclists, and motorcyclists also share the same roads. It is not a surprise that vehicular crashes are a common problem with all these parties throughout the state.

Although all accidents can be fatal, those involving commercial trucks are particularly dangerous. Their sheer size and weight increase the risks of causing insurmountable damage and harm to other motorists. Specifically, passengers of other vehicles are often at a higher risk of suffering severe injuries or even death. As our Lone Star Injury Attorneys have seen over our years of practice, truck accidents often have devastating consequences. If lucky to survive, victims have to contend with the lifetime impact of their injuries.

Data from the National Highway Transport Safety Administration show that at least 23% of all truck accidents reported in Texas every year result in an injury. And while some of these injuries are manageable, some can be life-threatening. Some of the most common injuries following a Fort Bend County truck accident are:

Burn Injuries

Some commercial trucks on Texas roads carry hazardous and flammable materials such as gasoline. In case of an accident, a spark may cause an explosion, causing a massive fire outbreak. If trapped, victims may suffer severe burn injuries or even death. Third and fourth-degree burns are the most devastating and require intensive medical attention. Although the victim may survive, most of these injuries cause scarring.

Spinal Cord Injuries

The amount of force that comes into play during a collision with a truck is so huge that the spinal cord may suffer serious harm. Unfortunately, any injury to the spine can be grave. The victim may suffer partial or complete body paralysis due to its sensitive nature. Many spinal cord injuries require lifetime care, which calls for millions of dollars to acquire.

Broken Bones

While bones are meant to absorb any amount of force, they have limits. Anything that makes them compress under pressure can break them, causing the victim severe pain and suffering. Surgery, casts, and therapy may be required to reverse the damage caused. However, extreme cases are irreversible, resulting in permanent loss of mobility if the affected area covers the limbs or spine.

Neck Injuries

Neck injuries can equally be devastating, mainly when a rear-end collision occurs. If you are a passenger or driver and are hit from the rear-end by a truck, your neck is likely to snap in a back-and-forth movement. The muscles, joints, and ligaments around the neck may be affected. Whiplash is the most common type of neck injury in Fort Bend County truck collisions.

Head Injuries

Head injuries are common in almost all types of crashes involving trucks in Fort Bend County. A sudden blow to the head frequently causes concussions, and although they are not severe compared to brain injuries, they can equally be a reason for alarm. There may also be broken facial bones due to the impact from the airbags.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

These are serious conditions that require medical attention. They often stem from open-head trauma/penetration or closed-head injuries such as bleeding. Sadly, some brain injuries are irreversible and require lifetime care. A permanent TBI means a diminished quality of life due to loss of functioning in some body parts. Therapy is also expensive, and even with medical insurance coverage, your financial needs may not be fully covered.

Why You Should Seek Medical Evaluation After a Collision with a Truck

Truck crashes can be stressful due to the trauma and injuries they cause. Unfortunately, some people do not understand the importance of seeing a doctor immediately after a crash. They believe that their injuries are less severe and will heal on their own, while others are too scared to find out the extent of harm they suffered. Either way, seeking medical attention should be a priority. Doing so is not only crucial for your general wellbeing but also serves to protect your legal rights in case you need to file a personal injury lawsuit. You must show proof of harm before you are allowed to collect any damages.

Contact Our Experienced Truck Crash Lawyers in Fort Bend County

If you suffered severe injuries following a Fort Bend County truck accident, seeking medical attention is essential, but you don’t stop there. It would help if you spoke with a qualified truck collision attorney about collecting damages for your losses. Call our truck injury lawyers today to schedule a one-on-one consultation at a place of your convenience.

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