Mistakes to Avoid After a Truck Accident in Fort Bend County

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When you were undergoing training for your driving license, you learned so much about preventing an accident from happening. You have probably applied the skills you got and prevented traffic accidents. Even if you may have been involved in a few, they have only been minor fender benders and nothing that calls for great alarm like a collision with a commercial truck. Therefore, you have probably not given that idea much thought, and with that comes the risk of making serious mistakes.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) estimates that 13% of all auto wrecks in the United States involve trucks. This means they are popular, and as a Texas resident, you need to be cautious when on our roads and highways. The steps you take immediately in a truck accident can make a big difference. Even if you are unsure about pursuing compensation for your losses and injuries, it’s equally vital that you take the right steps, including calling us at Lone Star Injury Attorneys.  Some of the mistakes to avoid after a truck accident in Fort Bend County are:

Not Reporting the Accident

Some people dread calling the police whenever they are in trouble. They assume that doing so only serves to exaggerate the problem, but that’s not always the case. If your accident was a fender bender, and nobody is seriously injured, you may forgo notifying local authorities and handle the case with the other driver. However, it’s a legal requirement that the police be contacted if someone suffers severe harm or is killed. Apart from helping with clearing the scene and making arrangements for the evacuation of injured persons, they also investigate the accident and prepare a report. If you don’t report the accident, insurance companies may argue that the truck accident never happened.

Not Seeking Immediate Medical Attention

Failing to seek immediate medical attention after a truck collision in Fort Bend County can be devastating. Even if you strongly believe you were not hurt, it’s in your best interests to see a physician as soon as possible, especially when you are traumatized. The confusion that follows may affect your judgment, making it impossible to realize the full extent of the harm you suffered. Some injuries take time to show, and insurance companies may argue that you were not injured or the injuries were from another accident.

Admitting Fault

Unsurprisingly, some people rush to admit liability by apologizing whenever they are in an accident, even when it’s not their fault. Saying things like, “I’m sorry” could be used to show that you were at fault for the accident even when it’s not true. Even if you feel obligated to show empathy, you should not admit fault. Liability may be shared, and it’s only fair that thorough investigations be carried out before pointing fingers. In any case, Texas is a comparative negligence state, and thus, different parties may share fault.

Communicating with Insurance Companies

Another common mistake to avoid after an accident with an 18-wheeler in Fort Bend County is handling communication with insurance companies on your own. Insurance adjusters may trick you into providing more information than you should, and if not careful, you may hurt your case. Never agree to give a recorded statement or answer questions without an attorney by your side. Anything you say can and will be used against you when demanding compensation.

Leaving the Scene Too Soon

If you can, always remain at the accident scene and wait for your attorney to arrive. If you leave too soon, crucial evidence may be tampered with, making it challenging to prepare a solid case. If possible, note down the parties’ contact information, such as their insurance information, names, addresses, and types of vehicles involved. Also, please take photos of the scene before it’s cleared.

Not Retaining an Attorney

Although you are not obligated to retain a Fort Bend County semi collision attorney for your case, statistics show that victims who handle injury claims on their own usually don’t reach a beneficial outcome. They lack the basic legal knowledge to prepare a solid case. Remember, the trucking industry is highly regulated by state and federal governments. Therefore, understanding what laws to apply in your case may be a daunting task. The best thing to do is let a qualified attorney handle your claim. In any case, you have nothing to lose since you only get billed if you get compensated.

Did You Make a Mistake After a Crash with a Truck? Our Fort Bend County Attorneys May Help

If you made a mistake that you believe will affect your case, do not give up on your rights to compensation. Contact our law firm to learn more about mistakes to avoid after a truck accident in Fort Bend County. Schedule a no-cost consultation by calling our offices today.

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