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Dogs make great companions, especially when they are docile and well-trained. About 43.4% of households in Texas own at least one dog, either for companionship or security purposes. While most of these animals are friendly and rarely call for alarm, some are aggressive and cause serious harm to people. Although dog bites could happen to any person, children are frequently on the receiving end of these attacks.

If you were charged upon and injured under similar circumstances, you may be eligible for compensation under Texas dog bite laws with the help of Lone Star Injury Attorneys. Like other personal injury lawsuits, a dog bite claim allows you to collect damages suffered as a result of the injuries sustained. At this moment, you may have several questions regarding your eligibility for compensation and the steps you should take to protect your rights. A Fort Bend County dog bite lawyer will answer all these questions and others you may have during consultations.

Do I Have a Case?

If a dog injured you, you might be quick to think you automatically qualify for compensation. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. The true determinant of your eligibility is liability and negligence. In this case, liability refers to the state of fault for the injuries suffered, while negligence means that someone failed to uphold the duty of care as required by law. To qualify for compensation, your dog attack attorney in Fort Bend County must distance you from liability. This means you must be 49% or below at fault. Texas being a comparative negligence state bars plaintiffs from collecting damages if their degree of responsibility is 50% or above. Strict liability may also apply depending on the state where the attack happened, so it’s essential to speak with a dog bite attorney about your injury.

Another factor that determines whether you have a case is negligence. It’s your responsibility to prove that the dog owner owed you a legal duty of care but failed to maintain it through their actions or inactions. For example, you may argue that they did not leash their dog while in public as required by Texas laws. On top of that, they must have been aware of their animal’s tendency to cause harm to people but failed to take the necessary action to prevent a dog bite. An attorney with experience dealing with dog bite cases is an excellent asset in establishing a solid personal injury case following an animal attack.

Steps to Take Following an Animal Attack

The steps you take immediately after a dog bite are crucial to your well-being and play an important role in protecting your legal rights. It’s therefore essential that you take the following actions:

Seek Medical Evaluation

If you have been severely injured, the first thing you must do is seek immediate medical care. Some dog bite injuries are lethal and may result in further health complications. Have someone call an ambulance if you can’t go to the hospital by yourself. By doing this, it proves that your injuries are linked to the dog bite since the defendant may argue that they were pre-existing.

Identify the Dog Owner

If you are unsure about the dog’s ownership, do some research, especially if you were attacked away from their vicinity. Once you identify them, collect their contact details, including insurance information. Most homeowners are insured, and often, the policies cover animal attacks. If you want to pursue a legal claim, you are most likely to be compensated by their insurance company.

Gather Evidence & File a Report

If you can, make sure that you collect and preserve evidence from the scene before you leave. It could be in the form of eyewitness testimonials, photos, and videos of the dog as well as your injuries. The next step should be to report the incidence to necessary state agencies. Filing a dog bite report is crucial in helping the authorities investigate your case and take necessary action, including filing criminal charges against the owner if someone suffers severe harm or gets killed.

Contact a Dog Bite Attorney

Before filing an injury claim, you should discuss your case with a qualified Fort Bend County animal bite lawyer. Through their skills and experience, you will be advised on the best course of action to take. What’s even better, they will handle the whole compensation process on your behalf so you can focus on treatment and recovery.

A Fort Bend County Animal Bite Lawyer May Help

If you have unanswered questions regarding dog bite claims in Texas, contact the resourceful Fort Bend County dog bite lawyers at our firm today. We are happy to discuss your case at no cost at a place of your convenience. Call us today or fill out our online contact form.

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