How Payment for a Fort Bend County Personal Injury Lawyer Works

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When someone is injured in an accident that occurred due to another person’s fault, there is an option to pursue compensation from the party responsible. This means negotiating with insurance companies or proceeding to court. Although they can spearhead the process independently, there is no doubt that having a personal injury lawyer is better. They are more experienced and understand what is required to make a successful claim.

Unfortunately, some people fear working with an attorney because of the financial implications that may follow. They believe that retaining a personal injury attorney costs an arm and leg. With the ballooning expenses that follow a severe injury and the fact that you can no longer go to work, hiring a lawyer can be intimidating. Luckily, a good attorney will always have your best interests at heart and will work a way out to ensure you don’t feel the pinch of having them around. Understanding how payment for a Fort Bend County personal injury lawyer works is vital when finding the right attorney.

At Lone Star Injury Attorneys, we put our clients first. As part of our commitment to helping you pursue and recover compensation for your losses, we prepared this guide to help you understand how payment for our attorneys works. This way, you can find the right lawyer who not only cares for you but also shares your goals.

Contingency Fee Arrangement

This is the widely accepted payment model for most personal injury lawyers in Fort Bend County, including the teams at Lone Star Injury Attorneys. In this structure, your attorney’s payment is contingent on the successful outcome of your case. This means that you only pay attorneys’ fees if the case is ruled in your favor. In addition, the attorneys’ fees are delayed until you receive your compensation. What’s even better, they only collect a pre-agreed percentage of your final settlement. You will never be surprised by increased bills or hidden charges with this arrangement.

Per Hour

As the name suggests, this payment structure means your Fort Bend County injury attorney gets paid hourly. They provide you with their rates per hour and bill you depending on the hours used to work on your case. This policy may not be a good idea for injured persons since they get billed regardless of the outcome of their case. Even if you lose, you will still be obligated to pay your legal team.


Typically, this payment arrangement requires the injured party (plaintiff) to part with a lump sum before their case starts. The payment is made to their attorney even before they get their hands on your claim. It doesn’t end there. If successful, and you get settled, your attorney will also retain part of your award as legal fees. The percentage is agreed upon during consultations. For victims seeking compensation to cover their losses, this payment structure may not be ideal, and Lone Star Injury Attorneys will never ask for legal fees upfront.

Will I Be Charged for Consulting with a Personal Injury Attorney?

Yes, and No. Again, it all depends on the attorney you choose. When looking for a personal injury lawyer, you should be mindful of those that seek payments for initial consultations. A caring and trusted injury lawyer in Fort Bend County will offer a no-cost consultation session so both of you can decide whether to move forward or not.

Whether or not your attorney charges fees for consultation could be an indication of their ability to handle your claim. For example, a confident attorney may not need to worry whether they get hired or not. Offering free initial consultations indicates their belief in themselves and their firm’s dedication to your case financially and through time devotion. An attorney who seeks upfront payments may be inexperienced, and thus not likely to get you the compensation you need. Our lawyers DO NOT charge for consultations, giving you the confidence you need to discuss your case thoroughly.

Retaining a Fort Bend County Injury Attorney from Our Firm

If you wish to retain a personal injury lawyer, our attorneys are here for you. We handle all cases on a contingency arrangement, meaning you sit back and relax while we handle your case. We collect attorney’s fees only when your settlement is wired to you. Please contact us to schedule a FREE consultation with us today for detailed advice about your claim and how payment for a lawyer works.

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