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brain model Traumatic brain injuries are a common injury associated with most motor vehicle accidents or slip and fall cases. According to statistics, at least 52,000 lives are lost annually to brain injuries, making it a major cause of death in the United States. What’s more, over 2 million others suffer these brain injuries within the same span. Sadly, treatment costs exceed $60 billion in total, therefore straining the financial resources of families.

While many brain injuries accidents go unreported, it is worth noting that a brain injury victim is entitled to compensation if the correct legal frameworks are strictly adhered to. This goes a long way in helping victims seek the much needed medical attention and recover for their losses. Our Fort Bend County brain injury lawyer will be your ideal asset when seeking justice in a brain injury lawsuit. To get started or learn more, consult with an accident lawyer with our firm today.

Why Should I Seek Professional Legal Help In A Brain Injury Lawsuit?

The magnitude of brain injuries depends on a number of factors. It could be based on the type of accident you get yourself involved in. For example, a car accident involving multiple vehicles can lead to multiple serious brain injuries, while a slip and fall accident at work is less likely to result in such a severe injury, although it does happen. Regardless of the cause, the effects can be daunting.

Apart from being financially straining to the victims and close family members, brain injuries also take a toll on insurance companies and medical providers in equal measure. Private medical entities are put to task on their preparedness in tackling the resulting treatment for brain injuries. In most cases, this is regarding medical infrastructures put in place to treat victims. It could be from providing quality hospitals, medical equipment, and staff. All these aspects are ideal for brain injury victims in Fort Bend County as they seek to cover from their condition.

Insurers on the other hand have the moral and legal obligation to offer monetary compensation to victims of brain injuries whenever an accident occurs. However, many insurance companies may evade this responsibility by offering much lower compensation than what is actually termed as standards based on the policy agreed upon by the insured. This means that the brain injury victim will have a difficult time trying to access medical care due to strained finances. However, your medical bills may be covered by the negligent entity responsible for the harm if you choose to hire the services of our Fort Bend County brain injury lawyers.

How Will a Fort Bend County Brain Injury Lawyer Help Me?

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Seeking the services of an attorney with the legal expertise in brain injury lawsuits may be inevitable if recovering for your medical bills and pain and suffering is your main focus. Apart from offering you professional guidance on how to approach your lawsuit, our Fort Bend County brain injury lawyer will represent you in court by fighting for what is rightfully yours. However, while the law provides for a legal framework through which you can file the suit by yourself, having an attorney is an added advantage. Some of the major ways in which our attorneys will help solidify your case include:

Establishing Liability

The first hurdle that you must cross when filing a brain injury lawsuit is proving that the party you are suing was primarily responsible for the injuries you sustained. For example, if your brain injuries were as a result of a car accident involving a drunk driver, we will help establish fault by collecting important evidence such as pictures of the tortfeasor’s vehicle, any blood alcohol tests run, and other factors that could have contributed to their recklessness. For this reason, it is advisable to contact our Fort Bend County brain injury lawyer to help safeguard such evidence from being tampered with.

However, if you did not get in touch with us at the time of the accident, we can help evaluate the possible causes of the accident. It could involve multiple parties, and this often requires professional legal help. With our presence, you will be assured of a seamless and easy method of witness questioning and evaluation. Always remember that how you collect, preserve, and present evidence before the jury will be the greatest determinant of the outcome of your brain injury lawsuit.

Proving That the Injuries Affected Your Life

Generally, compensation is determined based on the severity of your injuries and their effects on your daily life. This means that the more severe your injuries are, the more the defendant will need to make up for. During your consultation period with our Fort Bend County brain injury lawyer, you will come across the term ‘damages’ quite often. Typically, damages refer to the monetary, physical and emotional losses incurred due to the injuries sustained. In a brain injury lawsuit, some of the damages you are likely to seek compensation for include:

  • Medical bills
  • Loss of wages
  • Loss of income earning ability
  • Legal administration costs
  • Mental Anguish
  • Pain and suffering

All the above-mentioned damages must be clearly presented before the jury showing how each one of them affects your daily life. For example, the loss of income earning capacity means that you have been unable to work due to the brain injuries suffered. As a result, you may find it difficult to access quality healthcare, leading to much more physical and emotional complications. Our Fort Bend County brain injury lawyers will closely work with you in the preparation and presentation of the appropriate documents before the jury.

We Will Fight For You

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If you have sustained brain injuries due to someone’s negligence or recklessness, it is in your best interests that you seek legal help. Not only will this help send a message to other parties not to make similar mistakes that are detrimental to the well being of others, but will also help you seek better medical care arising from the compensation you receive. Our Fort Bend County brain injury lawyers will dedicate their time and resources to ensure that you get what is rightfully yours in the eyes of the law. Contact our firm today for a free consultation.

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