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Suffering harm in any accident can be stressful for an adult. But when a child is involved, the experience is also traumatizing for the parents. Apart from the high cost of treatment that most catastrophic injuries come with, there is always the emotional roller-coaster that they go through watching their children suffer in pain. Unsurprisingly, most child injuries are caused by negligence from adults.

If your child has been significantly injured while under the care of another party, you should protect their interests by pursuing justice on their behalf. Like is the case with personal injury cases involving adults, you should also retain a compassionate Fort Bend County child injury lawyer to fight for the best interests of your loved ones. The experienced attorneys at our firm are parents as well, and will do everything possible to fight for your child’s rights just as we would for our own.

Do I Have a Case?

This is the most popular question our injury lawyers get from guardians and parents of children who have been injured. Claiming your child suffered harm is not satisfying enough to provide the compensation you need. The burden of proof is solely on you, to prove that your loved one would not have suffered the same fate had the other party taken precaution. In any personal injury case, the plaintiff must show how the essential elements of negligence apply in their case.

Duty of Care, Breach, & Causation

First of all, it is your mandate to establish how the defendant was negligent or reckless, breaching their duty of care to your child. For example, if they were speeding in a prohibited area such as a school and knocked your child, they may be held accountable for violating Texas laws on the same. It doesn’t end there; there must be a link between the injuries sustained by your child, and the actions or inactions of the party at fault. Using the same example, you must show causation, in that the speeding resulted in the vehicle’s loss of control, therefore crashing into the school bus where your child was. If the injuries were caused by something else other than the defendant’s negligence, you might not be eligible for compensation.


With the help of a seasoned Fort Bend County child injury lawyer, you must also provide evidence showing how your child was affected. This is where medical reports come in. Provided your loved one was physically or emotionally affected by the accident, you have the basis for claiming compensation on their behalf. Most child injuries include broken bones, severe burns, injuries to the spine, TBIs, dog bites, among others. Depending on your case, you may collect damages for:

  • Lost wages for the time spent attending to your child
  • Lost financial benefits for loss of future work, especially when your child is permanently disabled
  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Emotional trauma
  • Past, present, and future medical expenses
  • Rehabilitation costs
  • Loss of enjoyment of life

The amount of damages you can sue for are not limited. As long as you have tangible proof, they may be admissible in court as evidence. A trusted Fort Bend County lawyer could help you piece together all related records, and determine the value of your child’s injury claim.

Types of Claims in a Fort Bend County Child Injury Case

The type of claim you can bring forward following your child’s injuries is dependent on many factors. But most importantly, the circumstances under which they suffered harm will take the day. Among the most popular claims our child accident attorneys handle are:

  • Premises liability claims where a child is injured while on someone else’s property due to unsafe conditions such as wet and cluttered floors
  • Medical malpractice claim when a child suffers harm during a medical procedure such as surgery or drug administration
  • Personal injury claims when the negligent or reckless behaviors of another party cause an accident where a child is injured
  • Product liability claims when a faulty product, tool, or device cause harm to children
  • Wrongful death claims when someone dies due to the negligence of another party

Talk to Our Compassionate Child Injury Lawyers

No matter how your loved one suffered harm, our child injury attorneys will find a way to get you the compensation you need as long as someone is to blame. Don’t hesitate to call Lone Star Injury Attorneys to have your questions answered over a free consultation. Our Fort Bend County child injury lawyers will jump right into action to get your case started.

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