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Boating is a recreational and sporting activity enjoyed by many Americans, particularly those on the Gulf Coastline in Brazoria County. Weekends are among the busiest days here, with boating enthusiasts flocking from all over Texas. Unfortunately, not all days end well. Accidents happen, leaving a trail of property destruction and serious injuries. In some cases, lives are lost.

In most cases, boat operators and passengers are not well-trained in handling emergencies that arise while out in the waters. If this is combined with negligent boat operator behaviors, adverse weather conditions, poor boat maintenance, and other acts of negligence, the outcome can be terrible. Survivors are left grappling with serious injuries and ballooning medical expenses. At this point, only a compassionate Brazoria County boat accident lawyer can help. Our personal injury attorneys are ready to vigorously fight for your rights and compensation.

Common Causes of Boat Accidents

There are many ways that a boat accident may occur. Of all these, negligence takes the lead. However, there are also instances where liability is contested, more so if the accident was caused by adverse weather conditions. But even so, a skilled Brazoria County boat accident lawyer may help establish negligence on the part of the operator for failing to learn or take caution of weather patterns. Some of the most common reasons why boat accidents occur include:

Boat Operator Negligence

Like any other machine or vehicle operator, boat operators have a legal duty of care towards their passengers and crew. But when they subvert federal and state maritime rules concerning their behaviors when in motion or docking, they become liable for accidents that may follow. Some of these negligent behaviors are:

  • Speeding
  • Operating under the influence of alcohol
  • Reckless driving

Boat Defects/Malfunctions

Just as is the case with other vehicles, boats require regular maintenance. As such, it’s the responsibility of boat owners and boating companies to ensure that their crafts are fit for safe operation. In case an accident occurs, and the root cause is attributed to poor maintenance, any of these parties may be held accountable for the injuries and damages that follow.

Additionally, if a defective part of the boat results in a crash, the manufacturer or any other party involved in the chain of distribution may be sued. As expected, filing a product liability claim against resourceful boat manufacturing companies is never an easy affair. They have seasoned attorneys on retainer to counter any claims made against them. Without a Brazoria County boat accident lawyer to match their legal team, it’s impossible to recover any compensation.

Adverse Weather Conditions

Storms, fog, and mist are common occurrences on Brazoria waterways. Because we don’t have control over such weather conditions, it’s our responsibility to adjust ourselves accordingly to guarantee our safety while out there. Similarly, boat operators must be able to follow guidelines set out by weather forecasters to mitigate the risks involved with boating in bad weather.

Reckless Behaviors from Boat Passengers

There are also scenarios where boat passengers are to blame for boating accidents. For example, if they indulge in reckless behaviors such as drunkenness while on a watercraft, an accident can occur. Such individuals can also be sued for damages that follow.

Possible Defendants in a Boat Accident Case

Because boating is highly regulated by federal and state maritime rules, claims following these accidents can be complex. Determining liability equally requires a skilled and resourceful Brazoria County boat accident lawyer. Defendants in a boat accident claim may include:

  • Boat operators
  • Boat owners
  • Boating companies
  • Boating event’s organizers for accidents that occur when sporting
  • Other boat operators
  • Boat manufacturers

Worker’s Compensation May Not Be Enough

If you are a maritime worker, you are legally protected through the worker’s compensation act. This ensures that you are compensated by your employer for the harm and injuries you suffer at work. But sadly, this may not be enough, or your employer may not subscribe to Worker’s Compensation insurance.  If this is the case, you may still file a personal injury claim seeking compensation from the responsible parties. A caring Brazoria County boat accident lawyer understands the financial burden that follows an accident and will do everything to get you the compensation you deserve.

Don’t Worry About Your Case, Hire Our Brazoria County Boat Accident Lawyers

Boat operators and companies have a legal duty of care to guarantee the safety of passengers and crew under their watch. If this duty of care is breached, and they suffer harm, any of these parties may face civil charges in a court of law. Our firm has over the years helped Americans recover record-breaking compensation in an array of personal injury claims. Whether your accident occurred on the Brazoria River, or anywhere along the Texas coastline, our Brazoria County boat accident lawyers can help you win the compensation you deserve to live a peaceful life.  Call our offices today for a free consultation.

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