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Every day, more Americans are choosing buses as their preferred mode of transport. Buses are an alternative to normal passenger vehicles which carry fewer people and can be expensive. But even so, buses are not immune to accidents. However, the silver lining of these accidents is that victims have the same rights as in normal car accidents. As long as you can prove that negligence caused the crash where you were injured, you stand to recover full compensation for your injuries.

If you were injured in a bus accident in Brazoria County, you may be entitled to compensation with the help of our personal injury attorneys. Bus companies have multi-million dollar insurance policies in place for such scenarios. Even so, this doesn’t mean you will be compensated handsomely or timely. They are known to offer deserving victims low-ball settlements that are not anywhere near their rightful compensation. Retaining an aggressive Brazoria County bus accident lawyer could mean all the difference in your quest for justice.

Liability in a Bus Accident Case

Liability is the basis on which you establish the party to sue for compensation. Without determining fault, it’s impossible to claim for damages. As expected, pointing an accusing finger at another party for your injuries requires much more than word of mouth. You need tangible proof. And since not everyone understands how liability works in personal injury cases, they end up making grave mistakes that cost them their rightful compensation.

To protect your legal rights and ensure that no stone is left unturned when investigating your accident, you need to hire a Brazoria County bus accident lawyer. Through their expertise and resourceful experts, you may sue the following parties:

Bus Drivers

Each driver in Brazoria County has a legal duty of care towards their passengers and other road users. Therefore, they are expected to adhere to state and federal traffic rules at all times. Any form of recklessness such as drunk driving makes them accountable for damages that follow an accident.

Bus Companies

Greyhound and intercity bus companies have a responsibility of ensuring that their vehicles meet set safety standards. They must be well-maintained and serviced. Additionally, it’s their mandate to hire trained and well-equipped bus drivers. So if a poorly maintained bus or untrained driver caused the crash where you were injured, you may sue the bus company.

Bus Manufacturer

During the manufacture and assembly of vehicles, the manufacturer must see to it that they meet the safety standards stipulated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Defective parts that result in crashes directly make the companies accountable for the losses that follow.

Road Construction Companies

It’s not every day that bus drivers are to blame for accidents. Poor road designs and unmarked blackspots are among the leading causes of bus crashes. In this case, a Brazoria County bus accident lawyer may aggressively sue road construction companies for top-dollar compensation.

School Bus Accidents are Catastrophic Too

You may be mistaken to think that school buses are safer compared to public transit vehicles. Unfortunately, they face the same dangers as well. According to data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, at least 109 people were killed in school bus-related accidents in 2019. These numbers are worrying, and if you stop to think about the damage they cause, you can recognize the importance of filing a compensation claim.

Types of Claims You Can File After a Bus Accident

There are three major types of claims you may file following a bus accident. Each is dependent on the facts of your case and takes a different approach to recover compensation. They are:

Personal Injury Claim

This is the most popular claim whenever an accident occurs. It allows the injured party to recover compensation for lost wages, medical expenses, loss of quality of life, permanent disability among others.

Wrongful Death Claim

When someone is killed due to the negligent behavior of another party or person, the surviving family members or any other legally appointed party may file a wrongful death claim. By doing so, they stand to recover compensation for loss of consortium, pain and suffering, and burial expenses among other losses.

Product Liability Claim

This is filed when a defective product or vehicle part causes an accident. It’s often filed against the manufacturer, distributor, retailer, broker and any other party in the chain of distribution.

Contact Our Brazoria County Bus Accident Lawyers for Help with Your Case

At Lone Star Injury Attorneys, we understand how traumatizing it is to come face to face with a life-threatening ordeal. Because there is nothing we can do to undo the damages you already suffered, we do everything possible to help secure your future. We’ve helped victims like you win record-breaking compensation for lost wages, medical expenses, wrongful death, and pain and suffering, as well as property damage. To learn more about bus accident claims in Brazoria County, call us today.

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