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An average parking lot has people moving in all directions. There are shoppers, pedestrians, and motorists. The lack of coordination in their movement can be a recipe for accidents that are in some cases very catastrophic. Contrary to popular belief, these areas remain a matter of public safety concern, as many shoppers and pedestrians are unprotected against vehicles, even if they are moving slowly. According to the National Safety Council, over 60,000 people suffer injuries from parking lot accidents each year in the United States. Out of these numbers, at least 500 of these lead to death.

If you were injured under similar circumstances, you may be relieved to know that you have the same rights as other car accident victims. As long as negligence is established in your case, you stand to recover top-dollar compensation for your injuries and damages. A Brazoria County parking lot accident lawyer will be dedicated to helping victims like you get the justice they are entitled to. Just because you don’t have legal knowledge doesn’t mean you should give up on your legal rights.

Common Accidents in Parking Lots

An array of accidents can happen in a parking lot. But if necessary care and precaution are taken, they may be prevented. Some of the most common parking lot accidents are:

Slip and Falls

A slip and fall accident occurs when someone trips over a wet or cluttered floor. It could also involve defective staircases, door handles as well as shopping carts. While most slip and fall accidents are not serious, some can be catastrophic, especially when they result in injuries to the head or spine.

Pedestrian Accidents

Parking lots in malls are often full of people on foot. They could be leaving their vehicles or getting from the supermarket with shopping. Unfortunately, movement in some parking lots is not always protected. Every party thinks they have the right of way, especially motorists. In the end, pedestrians may end up being knocked down, sustaining serious injuries in the process.

Hit and Run Accidents

Fleeing an accident scene is a felony in Texas. This means that reckless motorists who don’t stop after causing an accident may face criminal charges. Similarly, civil charges may be brought forward for compensation. Hit and run accidents in parking lots are in some cases a result of aggressive driving and rage.

How Do I Know Whether to File a Parking Lot Collision Claim?

If you were involved in a parking lot crash, you should know that not all cases qualify for compensation. From a legal standpoint, you only qualify to file a claim if your degree of fault is 49% or below. And even so, you need to prove that more likely than not, the party deemed to be at fault was negligent in their actions. The best way to do all these is to retain a parking lot collision attorney. The legal team at our firm will review your case and guide you on the best course of action.

How Much Does It Cost to Retain an Attorney?

Apart from the physical injuries that one suffers, being involved in an accident also comes with a financial obligation. You need money to seek treatment and repair damaged property. However, the last thing you want to worry about is paying your attorney. Luckily, you don’t need to worry about legal fees. Most personal injury attorneys, including our parking lot lawyers, do not charge any upfront fees. When you partner with us, we only collect attorney’s fees if you get paid. You will not owe us anything if we don’t recover damages in your case.

Will My Case Proceed to Trial?

Ultimately, our first course of action will be to negotiate with insurance companies. Most cases settle here. Our legal teams will dedicate their experience and resources to resolve your case as quickly as possible while still ensuring that you get maximum compensation. But if negotiations fail, which happens sometimes, your case will proceed toward trial where a judge or jury will decide. However, most cases are still resolved before the day of trial. Either way, our parking lot crash lawyers will be with you every step of the way.

Contact a Knowledgeable Brazoria County Parking Lot Accident Lawyer Right Now

If you were injured in a parking lot accident, there is no doubt that someone should be held accountable. Unfortunately, these accidents can be serious, causing a permanent impact on your life. By partnering with Lone Star Injury Attorneys, you get an opportunity to recover top-dollar compensation for your losses. Contact our legal team to schedule a consultation with a Brazoria County parking lot accident lawyer today.

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