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supermarket aislesFor many people, going to the supermarket is a regular part of their lives, not only when household groceries run out, but also for going out to relax and enjoy shopping with friends and family. It is estimated that over 2 million people shop at supermarkets every week in the United States. And while this is good for the economy of the country, the lack of proper safety measures in grocery stores has become a recipe for accidents.

If you have been a victim of a supermarket accident that resulted in injury, you should consider filing a lawsuit for compensation. Store owners have a duty of care towards their shoppers and visitors. Under this duty, they are expected to maintain high safety standards to avert any possible injuries on their premises. However, not all accidents result from the owner’s negligence. Understanding the technicalities of your claim is critical, so you should reach out to a skilled personal injury attorney. Fortunately, our seasoned Pearland supermarket injury lawyers have the legal expertise to help you recover monetary compensation for your injuries.

How Do Supermarket Accidents Occur in Pearland?

There are many ways through which you may sustain injuries in a supermarket. Generally, a majority of these accidents happen from negligence. This means that you can point to how the grocery store caused your injury. But no matter how clear-cut the fault may seem to be in your supermarket injury case, you will certainly require the legal services of an experienced lawyer to prove your case in front of a jury.

Some of the ways through which shoppers sustain injuries include:

Slip and Fall Accidents

Many of the supermarkets in the area are modern, having been constructed by following proper building codes. Unlike smaller supermarkets, these large stores are designed to attract the maximum numbers of shoppers. While making such designs, owners may forget the consumer-safety factor. For example, slippery tiles can become a safety hazard especially for the elderly, children, and the physically handicapped. In case of a slip and fall accident, victims may end up injuring their spine, head, neck, and breaking bones.

Falling Objects

Supermarkets have almost every product one may need. These goods range from electrical appliances, foodstuffs, household goods, to clothing. Everything is under one roof. To manage space, these goods are often arranged vertically. If not carefully stored, some heavier products or those with sharp metallic edges may fall on shoppers, leaving them with significant head trauma or body injuries.

Vehicle Accidents

Although loading and unloading zones are in many cases away from shoppers’ reach, a truck or delivery van making an exit or entry into the grocery store’s premises may hit and injure shoppers and other persons within. This normally happens in the parking lot or behind the store. Drivers are expected to adhere to speed limits and proper defensive driving practices to avoid unnecessary injuries of their customers.

Electrical Faults

Supermarkets use a lot of electricity, given that a large number of their food products require refrigeration to prevent them from spoiling. Also, electricity is required to light up the supermarket for easy and safe access to goods. But if naked wires are left out without warning, it can cause catastrophic injuries to customers. Electrical faults are fatal in many cases, where victims may suffer severe burns.

Defective Products

If a defective product caused you harm, you retain the right to sue the manufacturer. Faulty products may include electrical appliances, foodstuffs, bicycles, farm ware products, and many others. Manufacturers are also expected to warn consumers about the possible dangerous effects of their products.

Who Are the Possible Liable Parties?

Every personal injury claim is based on negligence. Therefore, the party to be held liable will be dependent on the cause of your injuries as earlier explained. Depending on the circumstances, you may sue:

  • The supermarket owner
  • Electrical companies responsible for electrical faults
  • Manufacturers of defective products
  • Third-party companies contracted with the supermarket
  • Cleaning companies responsible for mopping the floor
  • Drivers in parking lots

Our qualified attorneys have experience examining grocery store injury cases and identifying liable parties.

Our Pearland Supermarket Injury Attorneys Can Help

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Not all lawyers have what it takes to litigate a personal injury claim effectively. You may lose your legal rights if the legal counsel you hire is unqualified or inexperienced. At Lone Star Injury Attorneys, our Pearland supermarket injury lawyers are proof that client-oriented legal representation is the best way to win your case. Combined with our years of experience, our dedication will go far and beyond to ensure that you obtain the proper monetary compensation for all your damages. To schedule a free case evaluation, talk to our online representatives now, or call us as soon as possible.

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