Mistakes to Avoid In a Personal Injury Claim in a Pearland


When involved in an accident, victims are often unsure about how to protect themselves from further harm. Furthermore, their inability to take control of the situation at the time of the accident can jeopardize their legal rights. Knowing what not to do after an incident occurs is crucial in safeguarding your interests, as what may seem like the right decision could actually be detrimental, particularly when filing a lawsuit.

Unfortunately, not everyone involved in an accident is willing to accept responsibility for their actions. Some parties may go to great lengths to conceal their fault. If they succeed, the injured party may lose the ability to prove negligence, making it challenging to obtain compensation for the damages incurred. To protect your interests, it’s important to understand that certain individuals will refuse to admit their mistakes. You must take charge of the situation and gather the necessary evidence to establish the other party’s negligence.

When seeking our legal assistance, some accident victims in Pearland have made mistakes throughout the process that significantly harm their case for recovering damages. While some of these mistakes may appear minor, they can have a substantial impact on the outcome of their case. At Lone Star Injury Attorneys, we are committed to helping you overcome the common hurdles that make it difficult to achieve full justice for your injuries. Here are some common mistakes to avoid in a personal injury claim in Pearland.

Not Preserving Evidence

You cannot seek damages if you cannot establish the parties involved in the accident. Every legal proceeding relies on the presentation of evidence to a jury. Therefore, the more evidence you possess, the higher the likelihood of a successful claim that leads to a favorable settlement or verdict during trial.

Taking photos of the accident scene, as well as documenting your injuries, is crucial. Additionally, it is essential to obtain and retain a copy of the police report regarding the accident. Failure to collect and preserve all pertinent evidence after an incident can significantly impede your personal injury case.

Failing to Seek Medical Care or Follow Up with Medical Treatment

medical records

If you have sustained physical injuries, it is crucial to promptly seek medical evaluation. Often, accident victims neglect seeking medical attention and instead attempt to self-treat their injuries at home. They hope that the pain will subside over time, and only after weeks of enduring discomfort do they decide to consult a medical professional. Unfortunately, this delay can work against you when filing a personal injury claim, as insurance companies in Pearland may view the postponed treatment as evidence that you were not genuinely injured.

Additionally, it is important to adhere to your doctor’s recommended treatment plan and follow up as advised. The defendant’s insurance company may exploit your failure to comply with the treatment plan to dismiss the possibility of any lasting or permanent injury.

The Mistake of Failing to Notify Your Insurance Company

One of the initial steps you should take after being involved in an accident is to promptly inform your insurance company. This allows them to conduct an independent assessment of the incident. Failing to notify them in a timely manner can become a barrier when seeking compensation, and in some cases, it may result in the dismissal of your personal injury claim. Regardless of fault, it is advisable to make that call to your insurance company.

Not Keeping Documents and Medical Records

Every damage you suffer is likely to entail financial losses. Seeking medical treatment for your injuries requires money, as does repairing property damage. However, it is difficult for anyone to believe that you received treatment or incurred expenses unless you provide records and documents as evidence. Moreover, the amount of settlement you receive often depends on the monetary losses you have endured. If you are unable to prove your financial losses, you may end up receiving lower compensation than you deserve. To avoid the mistake of discarding important bills and documents, ensure that you bring these records to your initial consultation with a lawyer.

Not Retaining a Personal Injury Attorney in Pearland

While you have the option to file your Pearland personal injury lawsuit without an attorney, it could be a mistake to do so. It is advisable to consider retaining legal counsel, particularly if you have sustained serious injuries or persistent pain. As any experienced attorney will attest, the legal processes involved in personal injury claims are often complex. Your insurance company may attempt to act in bad faith to avoid providing you with just compensation. Having an attorney helps you avoid being persuaded into relinquishing your legal rights for less than full justice.

Contacting a Pearland Personal Injury Lawyer

attorney reviewing documents

When filing a personal injury case, it is advisable to seek the guidance of an experienced lawyer, particularly if they offer a free consultation like we do at Lone Star Injury Attorneys.

There are various mistakes to avoid in a personal injury claim in Pearland. Our legal expertise will greatly assist you in overcoming numerous hurdles associated with your legal claim. To speak with us, please call today to schedule a free case evaluation for your claim.

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