Mistakes to Avoid In a Personal Injury Claim in a Pearland


When involved in an accident, victims are in most cases not sure of what to do to protect themselves from further harm. Worse still, the inability to take charge of the situation at the time of the accident may also jeopardize the victim’s legal rights. Understanding what not to do after an incident occurs can help you protect your interests. What you think may be the right decision may be wrong, especially when filing a lawsuit.

Unfortunately, not everyone is responsible enough to admit fault in an accident. Some parties are likely to do everything possible to cover up their fault. If successful, the injured party may lose ability to prove negligence, making it difficult to obtain compensation for the damages caused. To help protect your interests, you should always understand that some people will refuse to own up to their mistakes. It will be up to you to take charge of the situation yourself and collect the right evidence to prove the other party’s negligence.

When coming to us for legal assistance, some accident victims in Pearland have made mistakes throughout the process that hurt their case to recover damages.  Some of these mistakes seem minor, but their effect on their case may be insurmountable. At Lone Star Injury Attorneys, we are dedicated to helping you overcome some of the most common hurdles that make it difficult to obtain full justice for your injuries. Here are some common mistakes to avoid in a personal injury claim in Pearland.

Not Preserving Pieces of Evidence

You cannot recover damages if you are not able to prove who was involved in the accident. Every legal avenue works on the basis of evidence presented to a jury. Therefore, the more evidence you have, the more likely your claim will succeed and result in a favorable settlement or verdict at trial.

Taking photos of the accident scene, as well as the injuries you’ve sustained is very important. Better still, you should always make sure that you also retain a copy of the police report about the accident. Failing to collect and save all relevant evidence after an incident could seriously hinder your personal injury case.

Failing to Seek Medical Care or Follow Up with Medical Treatment

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If you have suffered physical injuries, you must ensure that you seek medical evaluation as soon as possible. Often, many accident victims fail to seek medical attention, instead resorting to seeking home treatment for their injuries. Victims hope that the pain will go away in time, and it is only after weeks of pain that they decide to see a medical professional. Unfortunately, this lapse in judgment can work against you when filing a personal injury claim, as insurance companies in Pearland often see the delay in seeking treatment as evidence that you were not actually hurt.

It is also important to follow up with your doctor’s treatment plan as advised.  The defendant’s insurance company will use your failure to follow up with your doctor to rule out any lasting or permanent injury.

The Mistake of Failing to Notify Your Insurance Company

Among the first things you should do after being involved in an accident is to contact your insurance company. This allows them to carry out their independent assessment of the crash. Failing to notify them on time may become a barrier when seeking compensation, and in some cases, your personal injury claim may be dismissed. Whether you’re at-fault or not, it’s always a good idea to make that call to your insurance company.

Not Keeping Documents & Medical Records

Every damage you suffer is likely to cause financial losses. Seeking treatment for your injuries requires money, and so does repairing the property damage. However, nobody will believe that you received treatment or that you paid for these services unless you produce records and documents to this effect. Most importantly, the amount of settlement you receive is often based on the monetary losses suffered. If you are unable to prove what you lost financially, you may end up receiving lower amounts than you actually deserve. To prevent making the error of discarding important bills and documents, bring these documents to your initial consultation with a lawyer.

Not Retaining a Personal Injury Attorney In Pearland

You are free to file your Pearland personal injury lawsuit without an attorney, but that could be a mistake. You should always consider retaining legal counsel, especially if you have serious injuries or pain that has not gone away. Like any seasoned attorney will tell you, the legal processes throughout litigation for personal injury claims are often complex. Your insurance company may try to act in bad faith to avoid compensating you justly. Having an attorney helps you avoid being persuaded into signing off your legal rights for less than full justice.

Contacting a Pearland Personal Injury Lawyer

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When filing a personal injury case, it is a good idea that you first consider the counsel of an experienced lawyer, especially if they offer a free consultation as we do at Lone Star Injury Attorneys.

There are several mistakes to avoid in a personal injury claim in Pearland. Our legal experience will go a long way in helping you overcome an array of hurdles that come with your legal claim. To talk to us, please call us today to schedule a free case evaluation for your claim.

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