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children coloringLike any adult, children are prone to injury accidents. However, in some cases, kids are more likely to suffer severe harm compared to adults. As a result, children require the utmost and specialized care as they go participate in their activities at school, home, or daycare.

If your loved one was injured in an accident, retaining our Pearland child injury lawyer is likely your best way to recover damages. At Lone Star Injury Attorneys, we understand the severity of mental anguish that parents go through when their children are significantly hurt. Our dedicated personal injury attorneys do everything possible to obtain maximum compensation from the party or person responsible for your child’s injuries, while maintaining high standards of professionalism throughout the process.

Minor Children are Highly Vulnerable to Accidents

Accidents happen frequently with children, as any parent or guardian will tell you. However, some injuries may be more catastrophic to a young person than an adult. Special rules and regulations have been enacted to protect them against these potential harms.

According to statistics, millions of kids are injured every year in the United States. Sadly, these numbers continue to rise every year. While there is constant innovation to flatten this curve, the reality is that childhood injuries in this area are common, and dozens of youths visit the hospital every day with minor to severe injuries.

Major Causes of Child Injuries in Pearland

Child injury cases are often attributed to the child’s lack of judgment. Therefore, parents, guardians, and businesses have the responsibility of ensuring that children within their control are safe and free from any foreseeable danger. These persons range from drivers, construction site workers, daycare workers, school workers, and parents. Failure to ensure that kids are safe can make the responsible party liable for any harm caused.

Some of the major causes of childhood accidents include:

Road Accidents

At least 26% of child injuries are attributed to distracted driving. A motorist who uses his or her phone while driving poses a great risk to minors whether they are passengers or pedestrians.

Unfortunately, not all cars are fitted with child protective gear as compared safety belts meant for adults. Minors, especially toddlers require specialized safety equipment to cushion them from harm in case of an accident. For example, a car seat helps to protect the child from being knocked against the hard surfaces of the vehicle during impact.

Supermarket Accidents

Child injuries arising from supermarket accidents are often minor, but this does not rule out the possibility of sustaining severe harm. A child may slip and fall due to wet floors, injuring their arms, legs, spine, or head in the process. Falling objects or dangerous conditions may also cause significant injuries.

School or Daycare Accidents

Kids at school are at risk of suffering harm more than any other group. While playing, a child may be accidentally injured. A majority of injuries sustained at school are attributed to playground accidents.

School bus drivers are also mandated with the responsibility of picking and dropping students safely. Any form of error that causes an accident is punishable by law. The school management and care workers may be held responsible for your child’s injury if negligence was the cause of the accident.

Fire Accidents

If a fire breaks out at home or any other place due to a defective product or a person’s negligence, both parties may be held at-fault for any burn injuries sustained by a child. Depending on the degree of burns, a minor may spend days, weeks, or even months in the hospital. Some burns may leave behind permanent scars on the child, traumatizing him or her and leaving lifelong damage. In the end, the child’s quality of life may be reduced because of a burn injury. A local attorney familiar with injury claims involving minors could help you assess the details of your case to determine the cause of the accident.

Who Can Sue for an Injury that Occurred During Childhood?

Persons below the age of 18 are regarded by law as minors are incapable of filing a lawsuit on their own. For this reason, the law allows their closest relatives, usually parents, to take over this responsibility. A parent, guardian, or other relative can file a lawsuit on behalf of the minor for compensation for the child’s injuries. Either of these parties may retain a nearby injury lawyer to protect the child’s legal rights on their behalf.

Who Will Be Held Liable for the Accident?

child playing

The party to be held responsible for your child’s injury will be based on the cause of the accident. Before filing a lawsuit, your lawyer should, first of all, establish the cause of the injuries.

Some of the parties legally responsible are:

  • The school management
  • Drivers
  • Homecare workers
  • Daycare workers
  • Defective product’s manufacturers

Determining liability can be difficult, so it may be in your best interest to speak with an attorney who handles cases pertaining to minors.

A Pearland Child Injury Attorney Can Help You

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