Motorcycle Defects and Recalls in Missouri City

When manufactured and maintained properly, motorcycles can be a safe and effective form of transportation. Most of their dangers come from other drivers on the road, though biker negligence plays a role in some accidents. In other instances, manufacturing defects can contribute to wrecks. Unfortunately, manufacturers do not always want to fix these defects, even when they know about them.

If you or a loved one have been injured because of a motorcycle defect or recall, you may be entitled to a substantial recovery. Manufacturers must provide products that are safe for their intended use. A product that fails to meet that standard can be a source of liability for manufacturers. Our skilled attorneys can explain more about motorcycle defects and recalls in Missouri City.

Motorcycle Defects

Any part of a motorcycle has the potential for defects. However, some defects are more common—and more dangerous—than others. Frames, engines, fuel tanks, handlebars, brakes, wheels, and tires all pose their own particular dangers.


The frame ensures the stability of a motorcycle. If the frame is bent or fractured, it can crack and rust, leading to a critical failure. These minor fractures may be unnoticeable to the naked eye but grow worse with standard riding behavior. They leave the bike—and the biker—vulnerable to any road hazard.


Engine defects are another potentially severe issue. They can lead to multiple types of complications, but the most dangerous one is a sudden vehicle failure or breakdown that can leave riders stranded. Even worse, it can leave riders without power in the middle of a ride.


People worry when a vehicle will not go, but even worse is if a vehicle will not stop. Brake failure makes people completely vulnerable and can lead to serious accidents. Even if a rider is able to avoid colliding with any other objects, vehicles, or people, they can still have significant injuries from one of these defects. Similar to a brake defect is when the handlebars stop working—the rider may be completely unable to direct the vehicle’s motion.

Fuel Tanks

When a fuel tank has a defect, the results can be catastrophic. They can lead to fires, which can happen while a rider is operating the vehicle. A sudden fire can cause an accident. In some scenarios, it could even lead to explosions.

Tires and Wheels

Tire and wheel defects can cause blowouts, which are potentially fatal on a motorcycle. Even lesser defects, which can lead to skidding or swerving, can be hazardous to riders. Some of these defects may be obvious on inspection, but many are not apparent until after an accident.

While the above defects may be the most common—and the most likely to lead to severe injuries—any part of the motorcycle could be defective. If those defects lead to injuries in a Missouri City accident, the manufacturer could be responsible for the damages.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) Recalls

The NHTSA is a federal agency in charge of vehicle safety. It issues safety recalls for vehicles after receiving sufficient complaints about the same problem. When it issues a recall, the manufacturer must remedy the issue. However, manufacturers get a lot of leeway in curing issues—such as delaying repairs in order to get parts available. Sometimes, they may just notify the consumers that a recall has been issued but that there is no current fix for the defect.

Sometimes, dealers or service centers push back against a recall order. They may refuse to perform a recall repair or try to misclassify a recall as another issue. A Missouri City attorney who handles defects and recalls may be able to intervene and get cooperation from the dealer.

Let Our Team Help With Investigating Missouri City Motorcycle Defects and Recalls

Motorcycle defects do not just threaten riders or their passengers—they create a risk for everyone on the road. Manufacturers should remedy any defects as soon as possible to keep everyone safe. However, they may delay the process, which can lead to accidents. If you have been injured due to motorcycle defects and recalls in Missouri City, an attorney may be able to help. Schedule a consultation to learn more.

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