Safety Measures to Prevent Motorcycle Accidents in Missouri City

Everyone knows that riding a motorcycle is riskier than operating other types of motor vehicles. Still, bikers can take steps to make the activity safer for themselves—and other people on the roads. Taking these precautions is essential. This is why local bikers should understand and take safety measures to prevent motorcycle accidents in Missouri City. If you or a loved one is hurt in an accident, reach out to a trusted motorcycle wreck attorney from our firm for guidance.

Wear a Helmet

Texas theoretically has a mandatory helmet law. However, there are enough exceptions to make it toothless—almost all bikers and passengers can opt out of wearing a helmet. Opting out has potentially severe consequences. The likelihood of death or severe injury is roughly twice as high when a biker or passenger is not wearing a helmet.

While other protective gear is not as helpful as a helmet, bikers should also wear appropriate attire. Jackets, a thick pair of sturdy pants, gloves, protective eyewear, and boots can all help reduce or eliminate injuries, especially in low-speed accidents.

Be Aware of Vehicle Blind Spots

Unless they are also bikers, most motor vehicle operators can often forget to look for motorcycle riders. They may check their blind spots, assuming that they will see a larger vehicle if it is present. That may be true, but it ignores the idea that they could miss a motorcycle.

Bikers should pay attention to a vehicle’s blind spots. Most people know that if they are near big rigs, the trucker cannot see them if they cannot see the trucker’s mirrors. That is a good rule of thumb to consider for other vehicles as well. Do not ride next to a vehicle in its blind spot when possible. It is an easy safety measure that bikers can take to avoid a motorcycle wreck in Missouri City.

No Lane Splitting

There is substantial evidence that lane splitting may actually be safer for bikers. However, it is not legal in most states, including Texas. When it is illegal, the motor vehicle operators do not know to look out for bikers in their lane, making lane splitting dangerous.

People also need to consider road rage and its impact on safety in regard to motorcycle accidents. Since lane splitting is illegal, a driver may have an angry reaction to it. They could intentionally swerve into a biker or open a door in the biker’s pathway.

Do Not Drive Drunk or High

Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is always a dangerous choice. It is hazardous for motorcycle operators since they are at a higher risk of severe injury or death, even in low-speed collisions. Intoxication impacts a person’s ability to operate a vehicle, slows reaction time, and degrades coordination. A biker needs to be aware, have a good reaction time, and be very coordinated to operate a motorcycle safely. Approximately half of all motorcycle accidents involve drinking and driving. Staying sober may be the most essential safety measure for avoiding a motorcycle crash in Missouri City and elsewhere in Texas.

Avoid Speeding

While speed limits may seem arbitrary, the government sets them based on road conditions. Visibility, traffic, and surrounding conditions all help determine the speed limit. The greater the potential for hazards, the lower the speed limit.

Avoiding speeding is essential. Speeding increases stopping distance, which makes it more difficult to react to changing road conditions. It also increases the likelihood of losing control of a vehicle that hits an object or other obstruction. Observing the speed limit and slowing down when road conditions are unfavorable is a great motorcycle accident prevention tip.

Learn More About Missouri City Motorcycle Safety Measures

Even cautious bikers who observe all of the safety measures to prevent motorcycle accidents in Missouri City can still be in a crash. If you have been hurt in a motorcycle accident, our team may be able to help. The responsible party may be liable to you for damages for your financial and non-financial losses. Schedule a consultation to learn more.

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