What to Do After a Missouri City Motorcycle Accident

Many Texans enjoy motorcycling as a hobby and a means to get around. Nothing beats the feeling that riding a motorcycle on a sunny evening is. Unfortunately, motorcycling can be dangerous. Unlike cars and other vehicles, these bikes lack enough safety features to protect riders from harm in case of a crash. As a result, victims end up suffering life-threatening injuries that suddenly alter their way of life.

It’s the wish of every motorcyclist to enjoy their rides without an incident. Unfortunately, some do not make it to their destination safely. When an accident occurs, you must know what steps to take. Your immediate actions are crucial for your well-being. Additionally, taking the right steps helps protect your interests in case you want to pursue legal action for compensation. Our motorcycle accident attorneys have decades of experience handling similar cases. On this basis, we prepared this guide to help you understand what to do after a Missouri City motorcycle accident.

Initial Steps to Take Following a Motorcycle Wreck

When you are in a motorcycle accident, getting to safety should be the priority. Remaining at the scene can be risky as other dangers may be present. For example, other motorists may not be aware of the crash, thus increasing the risk of multi-vehicle crashes. To guarantee your safety, always ensure that you move away from the roadway and traffic. This helps avoid being struck by other vehicles or secondary impact. After this you should:

Call 911

After a motorcycle accident in Missouri City, the parties involved are legally required to contact the local police department and report the crash. Apart from being a standard protocol, there is so much an officer may help with after a motorcycle crash. For example, an investigation team will be dispatched to gather information related to the moments before and during the accident. They will aim to establish the circumstances of the accident and whether someone may have been at fault. They also help coordinate rescue efforts with paramedics, as well as secure the scene to prevent foreseeable harm.

Seek Medical Help

It is normal to feel worried and shaken after a serious motorcycle crash. Unfortunately, the confusion that follows can mask your injuries, making it impossible to realize you were injured. That is why our caring attorneys advocate for immediate medical evaluation especially when you experience discomfort or pain that never existed before the crash. Seeing a doctor helps discover hidden injuries that may be asymptomatic. Most importantly, treatment helps link your injuries to the accident, thus aiding in proving causation when pursuing compensation for your losses.

Take Photos & Document the Scene

With modern technology being so good and easy to access, you can use your phone to document the scene as well as your injuries. If you can, remain at the scene and gather crucial evidence and relevant information as it pertains to your case. For example, take photos and videos of the scene, capturing your injuries, the wreckage, as well as the insurance information of the parties involved. In addition, you should collect the contact information of the other party.

Talk to Witnesses

Eyewitnesses are essential when you prove a personal injury case. When in a Missouri City motorcycle accident, you should remember to talk to as many of them as you can. Have them provide their contact information, noting down their names, addresses, and contacts. Their testimonials are also crucial, so have them narrate to you what they saw happen. This may be admissible in court during depositions and interrogatories.

Should You Contact an Attorney After a Motorcycle Crash?

Even if you are not sure about taking legal action against another party, it is still vital that you speak with a seasoned attorney. Their experience and skills will play a crucial role in determining the course you take after an accident. They may help discover important facts about your case regarding liability and damages. If you file a claim with insurance companies, your legal team will handle communication and negotiations to ensure that you get a fair settlement. In case your case goes to trial, they will also represent you while you focus on treatment. This step can be taken after seeking appropriate medical care. Legal representation can help remind you of what steps you should take after a Missouri City motorcycle wreck.

Let Our Attorneys Help After a Missouri City Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle collisions often have more devastating consequences for the rider than other motorists. Knowing what to do after a Missouri City motorcycle accident is important in all aspects. Whether it’s seeking treatment or pursuing compensation for your injuries, taking the right steps can help protect your interests. To speak with our undefeated attorneys, please get in touch with us today.

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