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driving next to trucksCommercial trucks play a very essential role in the growth of any economy. They are the link between the raw materials and finished products. They may be the reason you have the things that you have in your house or apartment. The phone you are using may have at one point been ferried using a truck. Generally, we cannot downplay the important role played by truck drivers in the delivery of essential services.

But while we acknowledge this, it’s equally important to point out that commercial truck accidents can be catastrophic. If you have witnessed a truck accident occur, you understand the magnitude of such crashes. They are even worse when they involve smaller passenger vehicles. In case you are wondering what to do after suffering serious harm under similar circumstances, do not despair. Retaining a Humble truck accident lawyer is a sure way of protecting your legal rights to compensation. Our dedicated personal injury attorneys could guide you through the legal process and help you seek compensation.

Why Are Truck Accidents So Common?

You may stop to think, why are commercial truck accidents so common even with numerous legislative acts by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration in place to curb this problem? To be honest, the effectiveness of any piece of legislation comes down to individual players in the trucking industry. For example, operating a vehicle while drunk or intoxicated is prohibited in Texas.

However, this doesn’t mean drivers won’t drink and drive just because such rules exist. On the contrary, it calls for a consolidated effort and sacrifice to adhere to traffic rules. In other words, it’s the responsibility of individuals to maintain their duty of care towards other road users. That said, some of the most common causes of truck accidents include:

  • Drunk driving
  • Poor driver training
  • Speeding
  • Vehicle defects
  • Poor weather & road conditions
  • Distracted driving
  • Driver fatigue

Unfortunately, most of these causes stem from driver negligence. With an experienced tractor-trailer accident lawyer, you may be able to sue their employers for negligent hiring as well.

Damages You Should Expect in a Commercial Truck Wreck Lawsuit

Personal injury cases are brought forward to compensate the plaintiff (injured victim) for injuries and damages suffered. As long as your losses are within the scope of your 18-wheeler accident, you stand a good chance of recovering maximum compensation. By hiring a skilled semi-truck collision lawyer, all your monetary and non-monetary losses will be taken into account. They include:

  • Past and future medical costs
  • Lost wages
  • Loss of income-earning ability
  • Property repair costs
  • Rehabilitation costs
  • Lost financial benefits/premiums
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional trauma

In case someone is killed, their estate may file a wrongful death claim. This allows them to recover compensation for:

  • Burial/funeral costs
  • Loss of consortium
  • Loss of parental care
  • Emotional grief

Why You Need a Lawyer for Your Case

As your attorney will tell you during your case evaluation, nothing bars you from litigating a personal injury claim by yourself. However, doing so likely lowers your ability to recover a favorable settlement. Without the help of an expert truck accident lawyer, your prospects of getting any compensation become constrained by the actions of the insurance company.

Once you retain an attorney from our firm, you won’t have to face off with insurance companies and their aggressive attorneys on your own. A truck wreck attorney in Humble understands what it takes to recover maximum compensation on time and the applicable laws that govern the trucking industry. Remember, truck accidents are unique, and so is your injury claim.

One of the major reasons why we recommend that accident victims retain an attorney for their case is they get the opportunity to focus on recovery without halting the legal process. Having to juggle between working on your case and treatment for your injuries may be difficult. Because we understand both are important to you, we help deal with the compensation process while you work towards getting back on your feet.

Liability in a Semi-Truck Collision Case

When filing a personal injury claim, it’s important to choose the right party to sue. An attorney may help establish fault in a truck accident case, more so when liability is unclear. Some of the parties you are likely to sue for your injuries and damages are:

  • Truck drivers
  • Trucking companies
  • Truck owners
  • Truck manufacturers
  • Road construction companies

Our Humble Truck Accident Attorneys Are Here To Help

truck on highway

If you were recently involved in a truck accident, time is not on your side. The Texas Statute of Limitations gives you up to 2 years to file an injury claim. This may look like a while, but in reality, time flies fast, more so when you’re receiving treatment and investigating your case. Before you realize it, it could be too late. To avoid being locked out of your rightful compensation, you should speak with our Humble truck accident lawyers as soon as possible.

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