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The unpredictability of slip and fall accidents is their most concerning aspect; they can occur anywhere, anytime, leaving one unprepared, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. However, what you can control is the course of action you take immediately after the incident. Often, victims merely experience a wave of embarrassment and dismiss the incident, without considering that they may be entitled to compensation for injuries and damages caused by negligence.

If you’ve sustained injuries from a slip and fall accident on someone else’s property, there’s a chance that negligence was a contributing factor. However, establishing this necessitates the expertise of a personal injury lawyer to thoroughly review and investigate your case. At Lone Star Injury Attorneys, we’re committed to helping victims like you regain normalcy after an accident. Our Humble slip and fall lawyers can assist you in filing an injury claim in court or negotiating with the responsible party’s insurance company. Regardless of the approach, our primary goal is to secure the maximum compensation for you.

What Constitutes a Slip and Fall Accident Lawsuit?

If you slip and fall due to a wet or cluttered floor, your initial reaction might be to attribute the accident to your lack of caution. However, if no warning signs were present and an employee was aware, or should have been aware, of the hazard, the onus shifts to the property owner to compensate you for your injuries. For minor injuries that heal within days, it might be possible to reach a mutual agreement on-site. However, if you’ve sustained severe injuries such as traumatic brain damage, head trauma, or injuries lasting more than a few days, it would be advisable to consult a local slip and fall accident attorney.

Establishing Negligence in a Humble Legal Claim

Your attorney will file a case outlining the details of your slip and fall accident, illustrating how negligence contributed, and demonstrating the resultant harm you suffered. In truth, the majority of slip and fall accidents are preventable, but for the negligence and recklessness of property owners. Depending on the specifics of your incident, your attorney may either file an injury claim in court or negotiate a settlement with insurance companies. The main objective is to prove that:

A Duty of Care Was Present

This facet of negligence suggests that the party responsible for your injuries owed you a certain degree of care. For instance, business patrons should be accorded the highest level of care, while trespassers are given the least.

The Duty of Care Was Violated

Once your attorney confirms the existence of the duty of care, the next step is to demonstrate how it was breached. This requires proof that the business owner or its employees could have prevented the accident but failed to do so. It could involve instances of the property owner neglecting to clear a cluttered floor or clean up a spill.

In other cases, it may be due to the absence of warning signs to alert visitors of potential hazards. Using the aforementioned examples, the mere presence of unsafe conditions, coupled with a failure to rectify them, signifies a breach of the duty of care. Neglecting to warn premises visitors about impending dangers also amounts to a breach.

The Fall Resulted in Injury

If the accident didn’t cause any harm, there would be no basis for filing a personal injury case. Since this claim can’t be substantiated by your word alone, your attorney might involve medical experts to provide evidence in court. Their testimonials offer a genuine account of your injuries, whether physical or psychological, and are crucial in associating your injuries with the accident. This is particularly important as insurance companies may argue that your injuries predated the accident.

You Incurred Harm/Damages

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Regrettably, some slip and fall accidents can result in severe injuries, necessitating specialized medical care and treatment which can be prohibitively expensive. Without personal insurance coverage, victims are often compelled to pay out of pocket. By filing a personal injury claim, however, you could receive compensation for:

  • Lost wages
  • Past and future medical expenses
  • Rehabilitation costs
  • Wrongful death
  • Permanent disability
  • Loss of income-earning potential
  • Diminished quality of life

The aforementioned elements of negligence are common in most personal injury cases. However, the method of proving them varies greatly depending on the specifics of your case. Since every claim is unique, it’s advisable to enlist the services of a qualified attorney in Humble to oversee your compensation process.

Reach Out to a Humble Slip and Fall Attorney Today

If you’ve sustained serious injuries or lost a loved one in a slip and fall accident, it’s critical to consult with an attorney at the earliest opportunity. Doing so not only guarantees a timely review of your case, but also enables your attorney to formulate the most effective strategy to secure the maximum compensation. While it’s possible to file an injury claim independently, it’s typically in your best interest to entrust your case to an experienced and determined Humble slip and fall lawyer. Contact our office today for a free consultation.

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