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doctor looking at brain scanMost people who suffer brain injuries have their lives change abruptly, often for the worst. Car accidents and slip and fall incidents are just some of the common scenarios that result in traumatic brain injuries (TBI). Unfortunately, the effects of these injuries can consume your life, affecting how one moves about, thinks, and even how they respond to emotions. They cause significant financial losses, since many of these cases require intensive treatment which is in itself very expensive.

The seasoned lawyers at Lone Star Injury Attorneys are fully aware of what these injuries mean to the affected persons and their families. If the harm you suffered stemmed from someone else’s negligence, we want to help you hold them responsible. On top of that, we want you to recover monetary compensation for your injuries and damages. Sadly, we can’t do much if you don’t reach out to our Humble traumatic brain injury lawyers today.

What is a Brain Injury?

The Brain Injury Association of America defines brain injury as a penetrative or acquired trauma to the head that causes harm to the brain. Most of them occur due to external factors such as accidents and medical malpractices.

Generally, brain injury occurs when someone suffers a sudden jolt or shaking in the head, or when they are struck by an object. This trauma prevents the brain from functioning optimally. It can affect the way someone:

  • Controls their emotions
  • Communicates (slurred speech)
  • Moves their body parts (limbs, spine)
  • Thinks (memory/reasoning)

While some brain injuries are treatable, some are permanent, causing untold anguish to victims and their families. Our Humble lawyer steps in to help you lead a normal life even under such circumstances by getting you the compensation you deserve after suffering a brain injury.

Major Causes of Head Trauma

As our TBI attorneys have witnessed over our years of unmatched personal injury law practices, most of these cases are preventable. They are caused by negligent, reckless and careless actions of individuals or entities. Some of the most widespread causes of brain injuries include:

Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip and fall accidents are very common when property owners and managers neglect their duty of care towards visitors. By allowing dangerous conditions to exist in their premises, they become liable for slip and falls that follow. Ice, snow, poor lighting, wet and cluttered floors are common examples of unsafe conditions that can cause these accidents. They are also very common in nursing homes.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

When a vehicle accident occurs, you may be slammed against objects or the interior parts of the car. You may also be ejected from the vehicle, landing dangerously on the ground. If you were not buckled up, you are at more risk of suffering these and other injuries. Pedestrian accidents are also a common area where brain injuries happen.

Falls from Heights

Falling from elevated heights such as ladders and roofs may cause serious brain injuries. They are most common in construction sites. And although many workers are covered through the Worker’s Compensation Act, this is often not enough to cover the full future treatment costs.

Medical Malpractices

Some brain injury victims attribute their injuries to negligent doctors, nurses, anesthetists, and surgeons. Midwives are also to blame for child brain injuries during delivery and birth. In the worst-case scenario, too much pressure on an infant’s head may injure the brain, causing injury. Suing medical practitioners requires in-depth knowledge and expertise that only a qualified head trauma attorney has.

Sporting Accidents

Some sports put participants at a high risk of suffering a brain injury. For example, if someone drowns in a boating or swimming accident, the brain may be deprived of oxygen for a long time. If not addressed on time, the injury may be permanent.

Damages You Stand to Recover in a Brain Injury Case

brain scan

Our goal at Lone Star Injury Attorneys is to help you recover maximum compensation for your injuries and damages. Whether through an out-of-court settlement or trial, our brain injury attornesy endeavor to recover damages for:

  • Past and future medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Permanent disability
  • Loss of quality of life
  • Pain and suffering
  • Diminished life expectancy
  • Rehabilitation costs

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