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As a major oil-producing region, Houston has numerous tankers on its roads every day. While they provide a secure means of transporting goods and materials, these trucks also pose a great threat to public safety. When accidents occur, there is an added risk of sustaining harm due to the dangerous goods being ferried. Unfortunately, tanker truck accidents, like many other auto wrecks, can sometimes be attributed to human error. When someone is blameworthy, injured people have a chance to hold them financially responsible for damages.

If you were injured or lost a loved one in a crash involving a tanker truck, our hearts go out to you. The consequences are often dire, with the impact being felt for years, especially when you sustained a permanent injury or had a loved one killed. While nothing can be done to undo what has already happened, your future is now in your hands. Pursuing compensation with a Houston tanker truck accident lawyer is the best way to ensure justice is served after a tragic accident. Our qualified truck accident attorneys are here to handle complicated personal injury cases and wrongful death lawsuits stemming from truck accidents.

Why Tanker Truck Accidents Are Unique

While all traffic accidents have the potential to be catastrophic, commercial truck accidents pose a higher risk. Their sheer size and weight cause greater impact, thus elevating the likelihood of severe injuries and fatalities. On top of that, the types of goods or materials in transit pose additional risks. Hazardous chemicals and toxic materials may result in further harm when they spill during impact.

Flammable materials such as gasoline or LPG may spill on the roadway, causing a fire outbreak. In other words, tanker trucks are moving bombs on wheels. For this reason, all key players in the trucking industry must adhere to trucking laws and regulations regarding truck operations, cargo loading and unloading, and hours of service, among others. Failure to do so may amount to a breach of care.

When someone is injured or killed, the person or parties at fault may assume legal responsibility for the harm and damages caused. A skilled Houston tanker truck accident attorney will be integral in helping interpret the different trucking laws and regulations, and how they impact a case.

Injuries Following a Tanker Truck Accident

When a loaded tanker truck jackknifes or rams another vehicle, there is always the risk of causing life-threatening injuries. Truck drivers and occupants, pedestrians, motorists, and other road users are often on the receiving end of these crashes. Besides causing fatalities, tanker truck accidents are synonymous with serious injuries such as:

Most of these injuries come with excruciating pain and suffering. They also require intensive medical care, thus prolonging recovery. Others are permanent.

When a person endures injuries that bring life to an unprecedented halt, someone must be held accountable. The Houston tanker truck accident lawyers at our firm work with medical experts to prove causation so our clients can get the justice they deserve. Getting injured does not guarantee compensation. An experienced legal team is needed to build an indisputable case based on available facts and evidence.

Types of Claims You May File After a Tanker Truck Accident

Multiple claims may arise following a tanker truck accident. Everything boils down to the cause of the accident and the damages caused. A reputable attorney will review the facts of the case and establish the type of lawsuit to bring forward. The most common claims are:

  • Personal injury claims when someone is injured
  • Product liability claims when a defective vehicle part or system results in a crash
  • Wrongful death claims when someone is killed in a crash caused by negligence and breach of care

All these claims take different legal approaches and basis to prove. However, negligence must be at the center of each in order to recover damages. A seasoned Houston tanker truck accident attorney has expert knowledge in this area.

Discuss Your Tanker Truck Accident Case With a Houston Attorney Today

Tanker truck accidents have deadly consequences. Put your best foot forward when seeking compensation from insurance companies by working with an aggressive Houston tanker truck accident lawyer. Our team at Lone Star Injury Attorneys will take up your case on a contingency fee arrangement until you are settled. Call us today to get started.

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