Importance of Hiring an Attorney for a Truck Accident Case in Houston

Many people have been involved in an auto wreck at one point in their lives. Whether minor or serious, traffic accidents can be traumatizing. However, nothing can be compared to the devastation that often follows a collision with a commercial truck. The risk of fatalities and catastrophic injuries shoots up due to their large size and weight. Pursuing legal action for harm suffered is equally complex.

One way you can find justice without breaking a sweat is by retaining a seasoned truck accident attorney to handle your case. You get the time you need to relax and focus on treatment without halting your pursuit of compensation. While you may self-litigate, the benefits of hiring an attorney for a truck accident case in Houston are immeasurable. You will get professional help with:

Communicating with Insurance Companies

After an accident, you are most likely going to receive a call from insurance adjusters concerning your claim. If not reaching out for more information about the accident, they will be offering a settlement offer. While this is the news you want to hear, you should not be quick to accept any deal or sign documents without an attorney by your side. Insurance companies use different tactics to deny or lower payable claims. You should not expect any different. Insurance adjusters will be out to protect their pockets at your expense. Without an aggressive Houston truck accident attorney handling your claim, you are more vulnerable to being duped into surrendering your rights.

Valuing Your Claim

When walking to the negotiating table with insurance adjusters, the costs you recover will be based on the value you specified when filing a claim. Since some losses may not be discovered immediately, you are likely to underquote the value of your lawsuit. Furthermore, it is near-impossible to put a monetary figure on intangible losses such as physical pain and suffering. A resourceful attorney steps in to fill the void by working with financial experts to ensure that each past, current, and future loss is fully taken into account. This way, you can rest assured that you got a fair settlement.

Determining Liability

Personal injury lawsuits hinge on fault and causation. It is your responsibility to determine the party you believe is at fault for your accident. Unlike normal auto wrecks, truck accidents are more complicated due to the many players in the trucking industry. There are truck drivers, truck owners, truck manufacturers, truck maintenance companies, construction companies, and state agencies. Pointing out either of these parties as having been negligent in one way or the other is an uphill task. You may not know what to look for and how to apply the elements of negligence. Why go through all these troubles when a seasoned truck accident attorney is ready to help?

Applying Trucking Laws & Regulations

The trucking industry is among the heavily regulated sectors in the United States. As a first-time without any legal knowledge or background, you may not understand the different state and federal trucking regulations that apply in your case. On the other hand, an experienced Houston truck accident attorney handles similar cases regularly and thus has expert knowledge on related matters. Don’t waste precious time trying to grasp the trucking laws and regulations when our truck accident attorneys have decades of experience in the same field.

Determining the Best Legal Strategy

Knowing you have a legitimate claim and determining the legal course to undertake for maximum compensation are two different things. You may either settle with insurance companies or proceed to file your case in court, and will ultimately be at a crossroads in deciding what avenue to use. A qualified lawyer who understands how both approaches work will be best suited to make this decision on your behalf. In any case, most personal injury attorneys do not collect attorney’s fees unless you are settled. That being the case, you have nothing to lose retaining a legal team to fight for your rights.

Discovering Critical Evidence

Whether you decide to settle with insurance companies or proceed to trial, you will need tangible proof to back your claim. This could be anything from police reports to eyewitness accounts to expert witness testimonials. Collecting relevant documents and reports while concentrating on medical treatment and other engagements may be challenging. An established truck accident attorney in Houston has the skills and resources to discover critical evidence on your behalf.

Get Our Undefeated Truck Accident Attorneys Working in Your Favor

Your case is as good as the legal team you retain. Don’t gamble with life-changing compensation when our respected truck accident attorneys are available to help. We serve clients in Houston and the larger Texas and will be delighted to see you on the path to physical and financial recovery. Call us today.

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