Mistakes to Avoid in a Houston Truck Accident

Being involved in a truck accident can be shocking, stressful, and overwhelming. Their sheer size and weight make collisions deadly, with victims often suffering catastrophic injuries. Many truck accidents result in fatalities, leaving surviving family members and loved ones grieving the untimely loss of their kin. Those lucky to escape the jaws of death in truck wrecks usually sustain life-changing injuries that are not only painful but also leave behind untold financial devastation.

Knowing the steps to take and mistakes to avoid following a truck accident can help secure your rights. Because you may be eligible for record-breaking compensation for your injuries or loss of a loved one, it is vital that you understand the mistakes to avoid in Houston truck accidents. Our auto wreck lawyers at Lone Star Injury Attorneys have handled unique cases where cases are dismissed because of small and avoidable mistakes. This guide will help you understand the most common mistakes that injury victims make.

Leaving the Scene Too Soon

The first reaction whenever one is in an accident is shock and confusion. The adrenaline that kicks in activates the fight-or-flight response, making one flee the scene immediately. While this is a natural response, you should try as much as possible to stay calm and remain at the scene. But for scenarios where you have been severely injured, you should not leave the scene immediately. Doing so may imply an admission of fault, and insurance companies will be quick to use this against you.

Not Calling the Police

Whether you are angry or scared, you should take it upon yourself to contact the local police department and report the accident. In fact, most states require that all auto wrecks be reported, and given the deadly consequences that many truck accidents are, it is prudent that you report your crash. Unfortunately, some people prefer compromising with parties involved to avoid having the police in the loop. But no matter how convincing the other party is in trying to settle the matter, the police must be involved. They will help with investigations, and the final report may be used in court or during negotiations with insurance companies to pinpoint fault.

Failing to Seek Immediate Medical Evaluation

The adrenaline that comes into effect after a serious crash usually masks the symptoms of injuries. You may seamlessly walk away thinking you were lucky to escape unhurt, only for the symptoms to show days or weeks later. Seeing a medical professional immediately is critical to identifying hidden injuries. If left untreated, some of them could be fatal. Besides, you will need proof of injury when filing a personal injury case, and the only way to do so is by producing medical records.

Not Gathering Information from the Scene

Although an investigation team will be dispatched to the scene to help with collecting vital information regarding the accident, you shouldn’t wait. If you can, get down to business and collect as much information about the crash as you can. Speak to eyewitnesses and record their contact information, detailing what they saw happen. Also, take photos of the scene with a major focus on your injuries, the vehicles involved, as well as damaged property. Some of these pieces of information may be tampered with or compromised as the scene gets cleared.

Not Notifying Your Insurance Company

All vehicles including trucks must carry insurance coverage when on Texas roads. As such, insurance companies must be notified whenever an insured risk, such as a crash occurs. This helps set the stage for settlement. Insurance companies have different terms of service that dictate how claims are to be handled, and the timelines within which intent to claim must be filed. In order to ensure that you are not lost in the busy aftermath that follows a truck accident, you should notify your insurance company as soon as possible.

Handling Your Case Alone

Truck accidents are unique and different from normal auto wrecks. They involve complex trucking laws and regulations that are beyond most people’s comprehension. Therefore, handling your case alone may lead to failure. Instead, you should let a seasoned and qualified Houston truck accident attorney lead the compensation process. With their expertise, they will  provide thorough investigations to not only discover liability but also fight for maximum compensation.

Reach Out to a Houston Truck Wreck Attorney to Learn More About Mistakes to Avoid

There are many mistakes to avoid in a Houston truck accident case. Do not take chances with your claim when our learned attorneys are here to help. Take the first step today by discussing your case for free. Call our offices right away to arrange your first consultation.

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