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Being the populous state that Texas is, the highways and roadways have all sorts of people. There are pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists, motorists, and truckers. At one point, each party must yield the right of way to let another pass, but not everyone follows this rule as required by the Texas Transportation Code. Failure to yield accidents can be devastating, leaving behind a trail of physical injuries and financial losses.

Like other accident victims, anyone who suffers harm following a failure to yield accident in Harlingen may pursue compensation from the party at fault. Unfortunately, many victims are never aware of their rights, thus losing out on top-dollar settlements. If you have been injured, or your loved one was killed in similar circumstances, you are not alone. Our car accident lawyers are here to fight for your constitutional rights. Due to the fact that some of our attorneys have witnessed these accidents, we represent you as we would do to our loved ones.

How Failure to Yield Accidents Occur

As the name suggests, a failure to yield accident occurs when one party fails to give up the right of way when two or more parties approach an intersection. However, not all of these crashes occur in these areas. They may still happen when vehicles are moving in the same direction or when approaching a pedestrian walkway. Understanding how these accidents occur is crucial to establish whether you qualify for compensation.

Some of the common ways a failure to yield accidents occur include:

  • When a driver makes a left turn without ensuring the road is clear
  • When a driver makes a right turn before allowing a motorcyclist to pass
  • When a driver pulls out of a parking lot without allowing oncoming vehicles to pass
  • When a driver fails to let pedestrians exit a crosswalk safely
  • When a driver fails to give up the right of way to emergency service vehicles such as ambulances
  • When a driver fails to yield the right of way to another vehicle that has shown intent to exit or join a freeway by using flashing yellow lights
  • When a driver runs a red light

These types of accidents are not straightforward, as is the case with other types of auto wrecks. Liability is often contested, and without a skilled attorney, you may be at a disadvantage when dealing with insurance companies. If any of these scenarios resulted in a crash where you suffered considerable harm, you ought to speak with a Harlingen failure to yield accident lawyer.

Legal Options Following a Failure to Yield Accident

Usually, an injured victim in an accident has two legal resources through which to collect damages. A seasoned personal injury attorney should guide you on what steps to take following a failure to yield accident to collect the best settlement sooner. A failure to yield accident claim in Harlingen may be pursued through:

Negotiations with Insurance Companies

Most injury cases are first filed with the insurance companies representing the party at fault. It could be through their vehicle insurance or that of their employer. If you have Personal Injury Protection (PIP), you may also bring a claim to your insurance company. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to collect damages from insurance companies because they may act in bad faith. The best way to handle insurance adjusters and ensure you are fairly compensated for your losses is by retaining a reputable and aggressive Harlingen failure to yield accident lawyer.

Filing an Injury Claim in Court

Settlement is not guaranteed in an out-of-court arrangement, so you may bring your case forward in a Texas court even if you were injured in another jurisdiction. Obtaining compensation through this approach requires more than just word of mouth. With a preponderance of the evidence, you must show that the defendant owed you a duty of care but negligently breached it, causing your harm in the process. A trial-tested Harlingen failure to yield accident lawyer is the best fit to prepare a solid case on your behalf.

Contact a Harlingen Lawyer if You Have Been Involved in a Failure to Yield Accident

If you are unsure about your case, you shouldn’t worry because our Harlingen failure to yield accident attorneys have the answers you need. We know what works and how to maximize your compensation through the experience we have gained representing victims like you. We are excited to help you move on with life without having to stress about your future. At Lone Star Injury Attorneys, it’s our mission to help personal injury victims get the justice they deserve. Contact us today.

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